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DIY framed love art This last week I have had such a great time wrapping all kinds of gifts for my Valentine’s Day posts and an upcoming magazine article. More on that later, but this surge of wrapping has sent me to a few of my favorite shops to find some new pretty papers. I knew that I needed to make something with this wrap so I decided to mix the gorgeous coral with mini gold dots with the gold chevron to make a new piece of art for my bathroom. Both of these papers were purchased at Paper Source.  My bathroom is the next room I will be showing you in my home tour, so you will see the coral is already my accent color. This piece of art was so simple to make as you can see in my step-by-step tutorial below. For this art I am using the Ikea Ribba frame in 20×20. I have included the LOVE pattern at the end of this post for you to download for your piece of custom art. It would be perfect for a baby or child’s room, or a fun decoration at a bridal shower as well as Valentine’s Day. For me it will hang in my bathroom year round. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper Love Wall Art Love Art Tutorial


  1. This is really awesome. Think I’m going to make it using different patterns of papers. Would like apple green and coral. Maybe use one of papers for spring you provided as background and apple green paper for word, hang in our bedroom on our gate above bed
    Married over 45 yrs. but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to remind us both to think about those 45 yrs. We’re together 24/7 and for me togetherness gets to be bit much sometimes, lol. Thanks for great project, this one and so many others you share with us.
    We met at a laundry dry cleaners by air force base in Tucson, I worked there. Our first date was 10/18/68, we got married 11/30/68, he left for Nam on 12/26/68. He was helicopter flight engineer with Jolly Greens, guys that went on other side of DMZ’s to rescue shot down pilots. Thankfully they couldn’t keep him there long as he was due to get out of Air Force in August so he was there on TDY.

  2. Hi, Lia!
    This is just adorable. I kind of remember seeing a LOVE thing like this in my Silhouette online store. I think i’ll just cut that out with my machine. It should save some time, no? Thanks a lot for the cute idea!

  3. Very very beautiful. A lot of thanks for those ideas.

  4. Adorable! I can’t wait to make it! A thousand thanks for sharing your amazing talent and these incredible projects.

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