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DIY Metallic Paper Camellias

DIY Camellia Paper Flowers Happy Memorial Day to everyone here in the United States. Some of us have the day off as it is a national holiday, but me. . . I did not want to miss sharing this tutorial and pattern for the gorgeous camellia flower. I have a few camellia bushes around my house. In the spring they bloom gloriously. . . for about a week and then just as fast as they came, the flower are gone. I do use their evergreen leaves year-round when I need some extra greenery in my fresh flower bouquets. To enjoy the camellia blooms longer than a week or two in the spring, I decided to make a pretty garland for my front door using metallic paper to recreate these pink and white flowers.

The text weight (not card stock) metallic paper I used is Azalea for the bright pink, Rose Quartz for the pale pink, Quartz for the white and Botanic for the leaves. I used this Gold for the center of the flowers. To give the flowers extra dimension I printed (with a laser printer) a pale pink watercolor onto the Rose Quartz and Quartz, that is why you are seeing three pinks. I also cut three blooms from the Quartz white with no printing for the white flowers. If you would like to reproduce this look, I have added the watercolor print for you to download at the end of the post.

Rather than make a full wreath, I decided to use paper covered floral wire for my camellia branches and wrap them together to make the arched garland for my door. You can find this wire at a craft supply store, and if they do not have the 18 inch pre-cut strips, then a roll of paper covered wire will work as well. Try to get at least 18 gage for the thickness. These moveable branches can also be used for table top decor for a dinner party or placed onto my hearth for some added color. I used two wires for each branch by twisting them together. Oh so versatile.

At the end of the post you will find my step-by-step tutorial for these flowers. A huge thanks to for hosting the printable template. You will find all of the metallic text weight papers I used today right there on their site as well. The template can print right onto the metallic paper so that it is easy to trim. If you have a cutting machine you can download the SVG file right here. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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  1. thank you so much for sharing a lot of your beautiful design, and the tutorial were very helpful too. i love making paper-craft and i’ll be making the paper flower soon. thank you so much Lia <3

  2. OK, I have my beautiful metallic paper from paper-papers and I have uploaded the SVG. How do I set my Explore to print on 8 1/2 by 11 paper??

    • I think you are looking for how to cut not print, I have already set up the file to cut on 8 1/2 x 11″ paper. Just align the design on a pace board to fit the sheet. There is a video on Creativebug that goes through exactly how to do it, you can sign up for a 2 week free trial to check it out.

  3. Can I buy some of your flowers from you?

  4. So beautiful. I must do this wonderful wreath.
    THANK YOU <3

  5. I’m making these for my wedding. I started today they are coming out beautifully. I will definitely be sending the final results. Thanks for such beautiful work and easy to follow tutorials.

    • I can’t wait to see! Love these too. My bushes bloomed last week but they are all but gone already. At least I have the paper version. 😉

  6. Hi! I absolutely love your site and all of the wonderful projects here. You’re so talented! I was looking for a way to decorate some beautiful vases without having to use real flowers (sadly I’m allergic) and I’m so happy I found your site. I am hoarding/downloading most of your paper flower pdfs as we speak. I don’t have easy access to crepe paper, so some of those beautiful flowers are out of my reach but I was wondering, I went out today and bought some beautifully colored card stock paper but now I read it’s text weight not card stock. Is it absolutely impossible to try these projects with card stock?


    • You can make them in card stock, but it is not ideal. The paper curls much nicer with the lighter weight. Give both a try and see which you like better. You can test on a piece of printer paper.

  7. Amazing work! I’m loving everything :)

  8. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful Camillia’s! Can’t wait to make them!

  9. Hi Lia

    I’m starting an events paperie business here in New Zealand. I’m still in the planning /sample production stage. Since I’ve seen your paper flowers in Pinterest I’ve been really inspired to have a go and make paper flowers. Do you sell the files for commercial use by any chance? Do u have a file compatible with silhouette cameo ? Thank you so much for inspiring a lot of people to create!!! -Marianne

  10. You made me so happy that my fingers went on auto and pinned this, 😀

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I featured your beautiful flowers in a paper flower roundup recently!

  12. Lia lovely flowers.Greetings from Spain.

  13. It’s so great, so beautiful! Tahnk you for those flowers!

  14. Camelia is one of my favorites! thank you so much for this beautiful project!

  15. Can you give a price for the amount shown? I would love to do this to decorate twenty tables for a wedding reception and the amount in your flowers seems about right. Thanks

  16. Wow, your flower is amazing!!! Thanks a bunch for it. The project you made with the flower is beautiful. I may have everything to make one for myself. Thanks again. hugs, Patty

  17. I went to a paper store to get some text weight and they looked in their system and have no idea what that is. Can you give me some more information. I think it is a weight between regular copy paper and card stock. But they do not call it text weight! Help!!!!!

    • Text weight or anything lighter than card stock will work for these flowers. My paper source calls it text weight as does most paper mills. I don’t use card stock since it does not curl smoothly and I have used copy paper too and get a beautiful look. Does that help?

  18. So so pretty. Thank you for sharing. Hope I can make them as beautiful as yours.

  19. wooow you’re still impressing me with all your very pretty , beautiful paper flowers. I love those, thank you very much for the sharing.
    I ‘ll think i will give it a try for my sweet sis.
    she will blooming up:-D

  20. (el comentari se’m ha enviat abans d’acabar)Cada dia em sorprens , mai s’acaba la teva inspiració,Ets genial !
    Una abraçada

  21. Wow beautiful flower, Petonets

  22. Thanks

  23. In the email about this page it says it is Labor Day, not Memorial Day, which was yesterday. The camellias are very beautiful, though. Thank you.

  24. Oh my gosh these are pretty! I usually just swoon quietly over your posts, but this one inspired text!!!

    : )

  25. It was Memorial Day yesterday :). And I can’t wait to make these!! I made some of your love birds for a Mothers Day brunch- they were a huge hit! Thanks!!

  26. So, so lovely! I’ve been trying to come up with a summery “wreath” for the front door and might just have to experiment with this! Love your work!

    • Thanks Martha! I was originally going to use a grapevine wreath for these flowers and decided that they needed to be different. . . so this is what I came up with and I love it!

  27. Your beautiful camellia’s are so soft and real looking, lucky you have camellia bushes, living in right climate for them. Hope I can make them to look pretty.
    I’ll be ordering some of that paper this week so at least have correct paper for right look. Had to really look at leaves also, so pretty. I’m so particular in how I make things, never think they look as good as they should. With all the special flowers you’ve shared with us I’ll be busy making them for while if I don’t run out of paper.
    Better go I need to paint wall behind cupboard we took out today before hubs gets new cupboard, kind of like a buffet or big island. I’m so excited to get more done fixing up our home. Hope you have great holiday weekend and good week this week.

    • Thanks! I think you will like the metallic paper. It is really easy to work with. Hope you have a great long weekend. I needed about 2 more days tacked on both ends.;-)

  28. These are so beautiful! :)

  29. Where can i find the pink colorwash…. pink colorwash is a SVG file….

  30. Lia you are fantastic. It ‘s impossible to know if they are real or mock. Bravissima!!! I would really like you to do a workshop in Italy!! Have a nice day! Giorgia

    • I would really like to do a workshop in Italy too!! It has been far too long since I have visited. One fun thing I did was take a photo of them on the real camellia bushes. You really couldn’t tell other than the mixed color on one bush. Haha. They turned out just as I dreamed they would.

  31. You are amazing, Lia!!

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