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DIY Metallic Paper Dendrobium Orchids

DIY_Paper_Dendrobium_Orchids It is time for a new paper flower! Let’s make some dendrobium orchid stems using gorgeous metallic papers in shades of purples. You can find these paper over at and I used Violet, Amethyst and Punch all in the text weight. Once you have your paper, you can either use the printable pattern for the orchid stem or the SVG file for your cutting machine. Both of these are available to download over on the Paper Papers Blog. The orchids are quite simple to make using 20 gage wire and floral tape.  You can follow the step-by-step tutorial below to make these pretty stems. Stay tuned for a version of this flower where we will make a full potted plant to decorate your home. Gorgeous! ~ Lia

Paper_Dendrobium_Orchid Paper_Orchids_DIY Paper_Orchids_DIY_Dendrobium PaperDendroOrchdTutorial OrchidPatternButton

  1. Your paper flowers are awesome to have as decorations around the house 😀 I’ve also given a bouquet of your paper roses as a christmas present and the recipient was delighted! I’m going to make these dendrobiums and have them around the house for a summer themed decoration as well! 😀 Your projects and templates are easy to follow and are astounding! More power to you Lia!

  2. Hello I just got a silhouette camo tonight and was excited to upload this svg file to it but it wont let me. when i click on the download it goes to internet explore please help.

  3. I love these! My real orchids seem to always die! Did you rub gold stamp on them to make them look more natural?

  4. Thank you for another great tutorial! I’ve been making paper flowers for my wedding and your hydrangeas are one of the varieties I’ve made, I’m super happy with how they’ve turned out. Although the wedding is only a few weeks away, these orchids look approachable enough that I’m very tempted to add them to the decor! Would you be able to give an estimate of how long it takes you to make it? I know it’s hard to say, since you are probably way faster than I would ever be, but a time guideline would be super helpful, sometimes I’m hesitant to take on one of your beautiful projects because it looks like it could take hours!

    • Hello Grace! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! So excited to hear that you have been making paper flowers for your wedding, we just did a paper flower wedding this weekend and it turned out absolutely beautiful. This Dendrobium Orchids is actually one of my “easier” one so I’d say to give it a try. Hope you have a great time at the wedding and congratulations again!

  5. I recently subscribed to your blog & email, and always look for your posts and open them first! You mesmerize me with your creative talent and I am looking forward to getting involved.

  6. Other than the metallic paper, what other papers can we use to make these?

  7. Beautiful as always lia, I’m so excited when I see an email link from you. Xx

  8. Superbe!… merci pour le partage…

  9. Lia,
    How do you do it? Another gorgeous flower to make!!! These are just fabulous! Thank you so much for always being so generous.


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