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DIY Mini Pom Poms from Baker’s Twine

Mini Baker's Twine Pom Poms Bakers Twine Pom Poms Mini DIY Baker's Twine Pom Poms Mini Poms from Baker's Twine Happy Friday! Today I am going to share a quick little tutorial on how to make these adorable pom poms from simple baker’s twine and a fork. There are so many fun colors available in the baker’s twine and mine collection is from The Twinery‘s online shop. Using a simple dining fork or even a salad tong for a larger pom makes this a fast eye-catching topper for any gift or colorful party decorations. The ideas on where to use these are endless. I am now imagining making a pom pom garland for this party. So cute! Ejnoy! ~ Lia

Baker's Twine Pom Pom Tutorial

  1. I just made one with 25 wraps around a serving fork. It’s darling and will perk up a rather plain wrapping of an autographed copy of “Body and Bread” I bought for my CEO. You didn’t tell me how long it would take if there happens to be a fluffy tuxedo cat around. Now my twine has kitty spit on it!

  2. lovely done, i like the picture of you when they looked liked rings.
    perhaps i can make one. thank you for this fun and easy wrapping idea and the sharing.;-D

  3. Thanks for sharing! Using a fork makes it so easy! Im going to use this idea for all of my gift wrapping.

  4. I find that your ideas of do-it-yourself are really Great!
    I do not very well speak English because my language is French,
    See you soon on my blog or on your blog

  5. The pom poms are absolutely adorable. I will have to try these and everyone will think I’m so creative! lol


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