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DIY Oilcloth Brush Roll

DIY Makup Bag Set To coordinate with my makeup bags that I shared yesterday, I also made a brush roll to hold my brushes for travel. I don’t know about you, but my brushes are something that I like to have for a very long time, so keeping them in good condition is important to me and I cringe when I toss one into a bag of makeup. I used the gold polka dot oilcloth to make this super simple project. Once rolled with the elastic band in place, it will then fit right into the top of my matching makeup bag. This could also be made for craft brushes, don’t you think? Enjoy ~ Lia

DIY Makeup Brush Roll DIY Makeup Bags and Brush Roll DIY Oil cloth Brush Roll Tutorial

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  2. HEY Lia I Love all your diys.Can you tell me where you buy your oilcloths from?

  3. Well done! I really love the pattern you chose =)

  4. Hi Lia Hope your week is going well. Thanks for sharing another wonderful project. Your talents are never ending and now you make make up brush rolls. I could really use this for my craft brushes as you suggested.
    I don’t use make up brushes except for an inexpensive blush brush I use when we go to town. After I use it each time I wrap brush part in clean piece of paper towel and then in a plastic bag to keep it clean.
    This looks great and as soon as I can find pretty oil cloth like you used I’ll make some of these as gifts, granddaughters and daughter use make up brushes and they all have birthdays coming up really soon. Maybe oldest son’s girl friend could use one also.
    As always great project and thanks so much.

  5. Brilliant idea! You could also adapt this slightly and make yourself a paintbrush roll for your watercolour or oil painting brushes. Really enjoy your site, great ideas and very inspirational to read especially on dark winter days!

  6. Yep, I think I need to make this too for my book club girls. So easy. Now I need to find some lovely fabric. Recently I bought a pinking wheel for my rotary cutter. Much easier on the wrists.

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