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DIY Oilcloth Makeup Bags

DIY Makeup Bags Made of Oilcloth As I mentioned yesterday, I am here in Salt Lake City all week for the Alt Summit and pre-Alt Summit Cricut event. For those of you who have not heard of it, the Alt Summit is a place where lifestyle, DIY, craft, home decor, food and style bloggers gather to meet each other, potential sponsors and learn more about being the best bloggers we can be. This will be my second year as an attendee and I am looking forward to it! At the Cricut event tonight, they announced a new and amazing machine called the Explore. I will be trying it out tomorrow and will give a full report later. From what I have seen so far, this is the smart phone of cutting machines. Exciting!!

For my trip this week, I was in need of some new zipper bags to carry my makeup, brushes and face care. Loving the monogram zipper bags I shared last summer, I wanted to make a larger and elegant version of these to carry all of my new face care items. I love black polka dot oilcloth pattern I found in both white and gold at my local fabric store and made several bags to keep my items organized. You can follow the tutorial below for the step-by-step instructions to make these stylish bags. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I will share the tutorial on my matching makeup brush roll. Cheers! ~ Lia

Oilcloth DIY Makeup Bag DIY Makeup Bag Oilcloth Makeup Bag Tutorial

  1. I know this is an old post, but just wanted to say I loved it, and will be making all my christmas presents by hand this year.
    This is by far the easiest make-up bag out there, but with the most polished look.
    Though I cannot figure out how to do it with out a seam at the bottom, but I do not mind much.

    • It is tricky to add the zipper without an extra seam. It depends on your machine and how small your arm on the machine is. This is an oldy but goodie. I use these bags all of the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Had a go and made something that doesn’t quite look as professional as yours but considering I am a total beginner I am over the moon!!! Had issues with the zip when I was sewing the second side but will try again following your instructions in the comments. SO happy!!!! Mine is a little wonky and taller and skinnier than yours but I MADE IT!!! So excited! Thanks for a brilliant tutorial!!!

  3. Surely you must have two pieces of cloth, i.e. a seam along the bottom of the bag or u cannot top stitch the second side of the zip unless the bottom of the bag is open – I puzzled over this all day today and have only just found ur blog. I made these today but couldn’t figure out a way to top stitch and it does look so much nicer..

    • Hi Anna. I didn’t use two pieces, but removed the arm from my machine to get it through. However, to make it easier, you certainly can have a bottom seam. Brilliant idea.

  4. I don’t have a lot of experience with zippers (they quite often frighten me- I’m always messing them up!), so my question is regarding how you fed it through your machine once you got close to the end of the second attaching seam (whether the zipper is open or closed, I’m having a hard time getting it through and past the stoppers). Or maybe I started at the wrong end?…. Any tips or advice would be great! Love this tutorial!


    • This is the easiest, promise. :-) If you start the second side with the zipper completely open and stitch from loose end to closed end, you should find it pretty easy to do without it getting tight around your machine arm. Let me know if this works.

  5. Really like this! I’m just starting to sew, and was just wondering if I would be able to do this? Thanks! Xx

  6. Thanks for the pattern! I love polka dots and have always wanted to try oil cloth, and with my make-up loving daughter whose birthday is in May, these will be a great gift!

  7. Thank you very much for this very usefull tutorial. This a a perfect project for the ones who started to learn sewing like me.

  8. These are beautiful…you are so talented, thanks for sharing!

  9. Love those bags, very snazzy, up scale looking compared to so many make up or purse bags. You make it look easy but when it comes to zippers, forget it. I don’t even attempt it. My patience doesn’t stretch that far, lol. I’ll wait to see what your roll is like, see if I can attempt that. Hobby Lobby in Grand Junction has oil cloth, have to see what kind of patterns they have. Enjoy your trip.
    I saw post on Sunday, blogger attending the CHA show in CA told us about a new die cutting machine by Brother called Cut&Scan. Will be very interested to hear about the machine you were speaking about. There are so many of them now which do you think is best? Happy week

    • Posting the brush roll tomorrow. This is a super easy way to put in a zipper since the actual zipper part is showing. I promise. :-) Most fabric stores carry oil cloth now days. I am not sure about Hobby Lobby. My conference roomie was at CHA and looked at that machine. She is saying that this new Cricut Explore is the machine to have. You will be seeing me use and review it in the next few months. So many AMAZING features. It will even cut leather. Woo Hoo!

  10. Very snazzy and so easy I think I can do this!!

  11. Love these bags – the fabric is great! Does your local fabric store happen to be a chain?

  12. And by “local fabric store” do you happen to mean Fabric Depot? LOVE the gold dots!!

    Lisa :)

    P.S.–The Cricut Explore cutting machine sounds amazing! Now to scrounge up $300…

  13. These look so cute and useable! Enjoy your time in Salt Lake City! Sounds like fun, as well as being educational…

  14. Beautiful! Looks easy, haven’t sewed a zipper in ages! Will try! Thank you

  15. okay, I have got to try this…I’ve always had a fascination of oil cloth!

  16. What a wonderful pattern and it looks so easy to put together. Thank you for making us look so clever!

  17. Oh my goodness. I never thought about making my own makeup bag. Thanks for the tutorial. And like Libby said, it’s a great gift idea!

  18. Love this project! I am in such need of a new make up bag. All I need now is a sewing machine…!

  19. I have 6 girlfriends visiting in March from my previous book club. I think I’m going to make each of them one of these! Thanks for the inspiration. Love them. I think I’ll need one too. My current make up bag is just a tad too small.

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