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DIY Paper Apple Blossom Branches

Paper_Apple_Blossom_Centerpiece This is such a pretty time of year here in Portland. The trees are bursting with blooms in pinks, whites and yellows. To celebrate Earth Day tomorrow, I wanted to add a pretty blooming branch to my dinner table and make something I can use again and again in many different ways. For this project I made two branches that are about the same shape but not attached. My idea was to use them down the center of my table, but now I am thinking of so many other places I can use them. How pretty would these be to decorate a dessert table at a bridal or baby shower? And how about placing them on a shelf or at your desk to give you a little glimpse of nature inspiration as you work. You could easily make 4-6 branches and create a gorgeous garland to decorate a wedding reception. The branches are made from paper covered wire that you can find in your craft store. Because they are easy to bend you could make a wreath for the wall, front door or to wrap around a candle. Share some of your ideas on how you might use this pretty branch.

Paper-Apple-Branch_DIY Spring_Paper_Branches_Blossoms DIY_Apple_Blossoms_Paper DIY_Paper_Apple_Blossom_Centerpiece For these branches I used a pretty metallic paper for both the blooms and the leaves. You can find these at my favorite online paper source, The blooms are made from two sheets of Ice Gold and the leaves are one sheet of Fairway, both in text weight. For the added touch of pink on the petals, you can print that onto your paper right from my template. The template also includes a pink texture of the back side of the petals. This is optional if you prefer a whiter flower. The tutorial below will show you how to trim, curl, fringe and score the paper pieces. For the branches I used 6 feet of the paper covered floral wire for each of the two sections. The six feet will allow each four sections of the branch to have double wire that is twisted together for the finished look. You can download and print the pattern at the end of the post. I do recommend a laser printer for the metallic papers. Enjoy! ~ Lia

PaperAppleBlossomTutorial AppleBlossomButton

  1. Could you make fabric-glued-to-paper flowers? They should curl well, I’d think. please e-mail responses? thanks.

  2. I am thrilled that I came across your website! Seeing these lovely paper flowers and being able to have the files for them has made my day! Some of the best I’ve ever come across and I’m a newbie. Will you be adding an svg file for all of the flowers eventually? I would love to cut them on my new cricut explore!

  3. The apple blossoms are just beautiful Lia! I live outside the US (in the Dominican Republic) and haven’t been able to find locally the paper covered wire. Could you recomend a website where I could buy this? It is not neccessary they ship internationally because I have a shipment address in the US.
    Your ideas are so wonderful!!! Thank you!!!

  4. If I ever get our house set to rights (after painting living room) I’ll be doing nothing much more than making as many of your flowers as I can. They’re all so beautiful will have hard time deciding which flower to start with. Thought it would be orchids but now think it will be the apple blossoms.
    A few years ago Martha Stewart had some kind of blossoms on her site I printed out on inkjet vellum. Made couple canvases with them, so pretty. Will look in your favorite paper supplier for inkjet vellum, can’t get in Grand Junction any more. Love using it on some things.
    Thanks so much as always Lia, for sharing your exceptional talents and time with us.

    • Thanks JaneEllen! Funny thing is that even though I live in Portland, not a huge city but a nice mid sized one at least, I buy a lot of things online. I don’t have time to run around and shop. Amazon Prime is my new bestie. Haha. kidding.

  5. cute flowers!!

  6. omg, these are gorgeous Lia!! i totally adore all your projects sweetie

  7. Your flowers are amazing have you ever tried to replicate them in fabric?

    • I have yet to make fabric flowers but it is on my list. Fabric will not respond the same as the petals can’t be curled but there are ways to make pretty fabric flowers too. :-)

  8. Lia! Happy Earth day. 😀 Love the post. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I found your page and I love your projects. They are some of the prettiest I have ever seen. Thank you.

  10. magnificent lia, I already started to make the branch and lovely blossoms! Thank you!

  11. These are so gorgeous! I just love them! And I love how creative you are! I haven’t made any of your flowers yet, but I did make your snowflakes at Christmas. Thank you for all the ideas and tutorials!

  12. The apple blossoms are just beautiful Lia! Is there a way to have this as a cut file (svg)? Thanks kindly.

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