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DIY Paper Gardenia

DIY Paper Gardenia Paper Gardenia Bouquet It seems that every time I create a new paper flower template it becomes my new favorite. Well my dears, it has happened again. This paper gardenia is simply gorgeous and just in time for Mother’s Day. Even if you don’t have time to make a full bouquet, just one on top of a wrapped gift will add that “gift-on-top-of-gift” that I love to do when I do my own gift wrapping. These gardenias would also make a perfect Mother’s Day corsage to pin onto her (or your) top or tie at the wrist. The possibilities go on.

DIY Paper Gardenia Paper Gardenia Cake Topper For this flower I printed a simple line template onto one of my favorite paper types, a metallic, iridescent, frosty paper, that gives such a beautiful dimension when curled and sculpted. I used text weight paper in the colors White Gold for the flower and Botanic for the leaves. You can find these at one of my favorite online shops, You can follow the tutorial below and download and print the template at the end of this post. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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  1. Hello!
    Gardenias are my favorite flower and I love your design! I would like to make paper gardenias for a wall decor for my living room and I was wondering if there was anyway to make smaller templates for it so that I can have an assortment of flowers?
    Thank you so much!

    • Yes absolutely. If you are using a cutting machine you can resize the SVG. If you are cutting by hand you can enlarge or shrink the template either when you are printing it or on a copy machine.

  2. Hi!
    I’ve been using this tutorial to make flowers for my brother’s wedding and just wanted to share how you helped me make something beautiful so I wrote about it on my blog and linked back to you. Thanks so much for the tablets!
    Hope that’s ok!

  3. Hello,
    I am new to creating paper flowers and was wondering if there is a specific paper you use to create the flowers or if there is a link or website to print out flower cut-outs. If I could get some information, that would be most helpful and I would be most grateful.
    Thank You

  4. This is suggestion for Ashley Peaches, print the template and scan it or save it as a pdf. and you can import into Silhouette Cameo. Saves cutting by hand if you need to make several. Good luck

  5. Do you have the SVG file for the gardenia? I am using these for my wedding and would love to be able to use my cutter instead of doing these all by hand.

  6. Hi Lia! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have found your tutorial and template printable. I’ve been wanting to make paper flowers for my wedding next year, and I hadn’t found just the right one yet…but your gardenias are it!! Thank you for the paper links too. I just placed my order, and will have my flower troops working hard. :) I’ll be sure to link over to your amazing flower posts during my wedding planning blog series too. I’m so freaking stoked for these flowers!!!!!!

    • That is wonderful! I LOVE the gardenias. Make sure you let me know when you post too. I want to see your progress. If you are making a lot of flowers, I am going to suggest you look at investing in a Cricut Exlore. I will give you the SVG or JPG files for this flower to make it even easier. It would save you a lot of time. 😉

  7. Thanks so much for the tut and pattern for the Gardenia. It will be greatly used and loved.
    xo Nana April

  8. could not get get steps 11-20 to print out..these flowers are fantastic..Did the rose for church..great.great!!

    • The steps are not really set up to be printed. There are ways to move the image or tile so you can print them. I am happy you are enjoying the flowers.

  9. Thank you for sharing your talent, you are blessed.

  10. I love the look of this paper. I would of guessed it to be a 32lb paper not an 80. Beautiful ☺

  11. Love how this looks! How did you get the paper cone to stay in place and collect nicely? I couldn’t seem to make them fold out evenly

    • This is one of my favorite paper flowers. To cone the center, I overlapped and used my fingers on one hand to spin in the other fingers and keep it tight. It just takes a little practice. The good thing is that flowers are perfectly imperfect.

  12. This was such a wide selection of flowers. And when I have some time I want to look at your entire website. I will tell others about this site.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  13. Hi Lia,
    These gardenias are just beautiful!

  14. because i forgot to ask on my last comment, what kind of scissors would you recommend for performance and importantly comfort..?

    • I really like the Scotch brand scissors. The best thing to do is try a few on and see how they feel in your hands. Sometimes a smaller pair feels great too and works well to cut paper like this. (I am also loving my Silhouette Cameo). 😉

  15. You are sooo talented!!! I love your page so much!! I’m going to try thebgardenia today, what kind of paper should it be? Kind regards from Spain!!

    • I used a metallic lighter weight paper. If you can’t find that, just some regular cream paper, but not card stock. It does not look as soft.

  16. Hi Lia,
    These gardinas are just beautiful! I am planning my wedding and gardinas are my flower! However, to keep costs down I would love to make my own bouquet, and this looks just amazing! You are so talented, I hope I can get them close to perfect like yours :)
    I hate to bother you but I cannot see the grey download button that you spoke of. I would love to print the pattern!
    Thank you so much!

  17. Me encantaron estas flores de papel

  18. hi! you really REALLY helped me out a couple months ago with these designs! I wanted to send you some pictures of how I used the flowers at my event. Can I email you?

  19. I loved! 😀

  20. Lovely white blossoms, they are so beautiful. I have been wondering which brand of the paper(s) when you make your own flowers. I find that sometime it just does not turn out that way, probably because I am not using the same texture of paper as you do.

    • My first tip is always to use a letter or text weight paper. I think people may assume they need to use a card stock or heavier paper but it actually does not curl as nicely. Currently I am using two different kinds of paper. The paper in this post is the metallic paper in a text weight. It gives a lovely sheen. There is a link in the post for my online source and they offer many color options. The other paper is a common laser printer paper, also in text weight. I use this when the flower is printed with my watercolor pattern. An example of this is the ranunculus, anemone, poppy and the pink/peach roses.

  21. What kind of fabric would you use to make this flower

  22. Bonjour,
    Vos réalisations sont raffinées, belles, féminines, félicitations, je garde votre site précieusement
    Excellente journée

  23. I have been working with silk or fabric flowers for the last ten years. I am considering adding my own flowers to the mix. Paper flowers will be fine. I can tell you know the anatomy of flowers well. It makes your paper flowers a joy to become acquainted with. Thanks.

  24. Love it! I’m so happy to find your site

  25. These are so beautiful! I just made 10 and I need to make 60 more for an event I’m doing. My question is, do you think that these can last until July 20? Do they generally fall flat, and if so, is there anything I can do to preserve them? Some sort of fixative maybe? Hope to hear back and thank you SO much for this tutorial!!!!

    • Hello Hayley. Believe it or not, I still have paper flowers from two years ago that look perfect. As long as they don’t get wet, they should last you a very long time. Share photos of your event! I would love to see how you use them.

  26. These are so beautiful! You are talented. Maybe I am not seeing it, but could you post the link to the template you used? I am going to try and make these for a party.

    • My template that I created for this flower is at the end of the post. You can see a wide grey button that says “download and print”. There you go! 😉

  27. Moltes gràcies Lia ,per deixar-nos imprimir aquesta flor tan maca, segur que la faré ja vaig fer la orquídia per un regal i va quedar molt bé.
    Endavant !!

  28. wooow this is sooo gourgious, awesome done, you’re sooooo talented. Thank you for the tute and the sharing,;-D

  29. Gardenias have been one of my most favorite flowers for many, many years!!! Quite a long time ago, a subdivision in my city planted gardenia bushes near the front door of every house they built! A cousin of mine eventually bought a house there and it was soooooo wonderful to go visit because you were always greeted with that wonderful aroma of gardenias! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial and pattern! Can’t wait to try them!

    • I remember when I first met a gardenia. The floral department at my work (Pebble Beach Resorts) put one on my desk. I thought I was in heaven. These don’t smell. . . but they last a lot longer. 😉

      • I know, sob, sob, and, as far as I know, there has never been a fragrance made that was even near close to the real smell of a gardenia! Some day, maybe!lol

        KarenT in TX

  30. These are GORGEOUS! I’m wondering if I can make one out of felt so I can use it as a hair clip for my young daughter….

    • You can try it. The pattern would make a pretty flower no matter what. I would like to do some felt flower tutorials too so stay tuned. 😉

  31. I LOVE this gardenia Lia. Thanks so much for all the sharing that you do@!

  32. I am in love with this flower…..its beautiful, can’t wait to try it today!!! I am a big fan of your amazing flowers…I used your orange colored roses all over my wedding last year in October and everyone was talking about them….
    thank you for creating such spectacular items

  33. what fabulous flowers and tutorials,thank you for your generousity in sharing..Mair

  34. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful flower with us, Lia.

  35. Lia, Thank you, for sharing your talent. I just love your website. All my children are in college or have already graduated. I love the idea of making this flower and placing it on their “I’m Thankful for being your Mom gift”. For Mothers Day. Have a wonderful Mothers Day, and thanks again for sharing your talent.

    • Thanks for the sweet note Jennifer. I love the “I’m Thankful for being your Mom gift”. I think I may be giving that one as well this year. 😉

  36. Hi Lia,

    Your site just gets better and better. I am fairly new to seeing your site, but was wondering if you had done a tutorial on paper. Your history with paper, why you choose certain types to use, characteristics that you require for different projects, etc…

    Thank you for the referral to the paper source.


    • Thanks Mary! Funny, I was just choosing photos for my new business cards and was thinking how my photos in this new studio are really kicking it up a notch too. I just love what I do, can you tell? lol.

      The paper tutorial. . . what a great idea! I will put that on my list right now. Thanks for the input.

      • Thanks for the reply. I look forward to your new tutorial. Also, do you use a laser printer or an inkjet when you print out the patterns?


        • Right now I am using an inkjet. There is not much ink when printing on this metallic paper. In past posts with the watercolor pattern on the flowers I did use a laser as it holds the ink without soaking into the paper.

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