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DIY Pillow Cover Tutorial

DIY Pillow Covers Annie Sloan Fabric Pillows Today’s post is on a craft near and dear to my heart. . . sewing. As I am decorating my front porch I wanted to add a little color and texture with some pillow for the chairs. I chose some wonderful cotton interior fabric from Annie Sloan Unfolded. Yes, that is the Chalk Paint® Annie, the Annie I talked about in my upcycled furniture post. She is now offering these gorgeous French and Belgium cotton and linen fabrics that coordinate with her paint colors. I picked a cotton ticking called Monaco for the vintage feel and these pillows are to be placed on my porch rocking chairs that I have painted in the Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint®. Painting these chairs will be Monday’s post so stay tuned. You can find a list of retailers for Annie Sloan paint, wax and fabric here.

DIY Pillow Covers For these pillows I wanted to use buttons rather than a zipper. I like the added detail for this vintage look. Rather than making button holes, I chose to use this ribbon method as it is very easy to do and gives yet another detail to my pillows.

Here is my material list for these two pillows: 1 yard of fabric, matching thread, 3 yards of grosgrain ribbon, six 1″ shell buttons, two 16″ pillow forms. My tools list: Basic sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape, needle, iron and ironing board. Just gather these items and follow my tutorial below for these easy and gorgeous pillows. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Pillow Cover Tutorial

  1. I made this yesterday and it was a snap to make. Since I didn’t have any 5/8″ ribbon to match my fabric, I made a 5/8″ tube of fabric 3 times the width of the fabric, turned it and pressed it flat with the seam centered. I had to pay extra attention to the right side and wrong side of the tube, but it turned out great! No hiccups! :)

  2. You don’t state how wide the grosgrain ribbon is. It looks to be 5/8″ wide but would you please confirm. Love your blog! <3

  3. Great project with great instructions. I will add a similar project to my list. Since I use a lot of repurposed textiles, I will plan to use a men’s shirt . If it works …. I will post it on my site. (

  4. Hi Lia!

    Thanks so much for sharing your button technique. I am relatively new at sewing and am way too intimidated by buttonholes so this will be something I’ll try. Also I saw you mention the other day with your office folders that your new office is teal and white, I just offered a free June calendar printable in a lovely teal colour if you would like, you can find it on my blog. It’s nothing like the stuff you create but I think it’s pretty and light. Can’t wait for your next post!!


    • I was trying to give a simple option for new sewers.

      Did you know that ellinée (now was my old blog. Most posts prior to March were mine. Haha. Small world. I am glad Jennie’s calendars inspired you to create your own version that looks perfect in your space.

      • Actually, Ellinee was where I first saw some of your work and loved it! It is not as good as your amazing creations but I like it so I guess that’s enough hey! Thanks for inspiring me to create more! Love your blog!

  5. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Every time I open your site, there is something even more terrific than before.

    Do you ever slow down, stop creative thinking or even get any sleep?????

    You are a “wonder” woman.


    • Your message is to timely Mary! I read it originally when I was in bed early Friday night since I had an allergy attack from being out on a farm shooting our July 4 party. No, I don’t really ever stop as I have barely scratched the surface of what I want to share on my blog. :-)

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