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DIY Tissue Paper Poppies

DIY_Tissue_Paper_Poppies I have come to the conclusion that any paper. . . that is ANY paper. . . can be transformed into a gorgeous paper flower. Other than poms for gift toppers and tree ornaments, I had yet to experiment with tissue paper to make paper flowers, until this weekend. Having just returned from San Francisco to film my new class series with Creativebug on the tail of Livia Cetti from The Green Vase (who in my opinion is the queen of tissue paper flowers), I immediately purchased her new book and watched her first paper flower class over on Creativebug. It is a must watch for any of you who love to make paper flowers and right now they have a free trial offer. Of course you may also want to buy her new book called The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers.

After reading her book I knew that it was time to make a paper poppy in my own style. Poppy petals are so fragile and tissue like, that this paper just seemed too perfect. I used Livia’s technique of bleaching the edge of the tissue which gave a gorgeous finish are variation of color for all of my poppies. Her recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1.5 cups of water. For these poppies, I cut 3 inch strips of each color. I then rolled the strip so that all of the long edges were together. Holding the top of the three inch tall roll, I dipped the edge into the bleach mix. I found that holding the tissue in the bleach mix about 5 seconds worked well for me. I liked the bleach to soak up to about half of three inches to get the best effect and noticed that different colors and different paper responded differently. Remember that once you pull the paper out of the bleach, it will still move into the dry part of the paper. Once dipped, I carefully unrolled the strip and hung it to dry. You will want to be careful to not bleach your clothes or other thing that are in your path. I hung all of my strips in my dining room window, pinning them onto a clothesline that I had attached for this project. The paper dries fairly quickly, but you will want to make for sure they are completely dry before you start to make your flowers. For the rest of the steps on how to make these pretty blooms, I have created this step-by-step tutorial for you. These are so fun to make and are a great project for your craft night with the girlfriends and if you use a low temp glue gun (which I always recommend anyway), can even make this project perfect for kids. These happy flowers are perfect for a Mother’s Day bouquet, don’t you think? Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper_Poppies_DIY DIY_Paper_Poppies Tissue_Paper_Poppies Dozen_tissue_paper_poppies Paper_Poppies_Tissue_DIY PaperPoppyTutorial

  1. Great tutorial! I used it to help me make a quick little bundle of poppies for Mother’s Day this year.

  2. Just made a few of these and they are gorgeous! I didn’t have styrofoam balls either so I used a quarter of a cotton wool ball wrapped in tissue for the centres and they seemed to work fine. Thanks for sharing the instructions!

  3. These are beautiful and I’m really looking forward to making them! I got all the supplies needed except for the 1/2 inch styrofoam balls. I tried a few places without luck. Where do you get them or is there something else I can use?

    • You can make a little ball with tissue by rolling it and maybe making it a bit damp. I found my tiny balls on Amazon but they are not so consistent in having them in stock.

  4. Hi Lia!

    My mother-in-law and I tried making these and couldn’t seem to get the bleaching down pat.. Did you use a higher grade of paper, or water the bleach down??


    • Yes, it is just a bit of bleach in the water. Too much will turn the paper white. Experiment a bit to get the right mix as I think different tissue papers will react differently. I don’t think the quality of bleach matters.

  5. Beautiful flowers, Lia! I made some larger versions for my daughter’s nursery. Is there any need to spray the final product so that they hold over time and the paper doesn’t wilt? If so, what type of product do you recommend? Thanks!

  6. Hello
    Im following your tutorial, and Im using it to prepare my next photoshooting. Would love to share with you the results.

  7. Lia, these are so beautiful! I have Livia’s book as well. I was wondering, did the bleached areas stay the same, or did the color fade over time? I will be making flowers for an event in two months and I’m worried that the bleach will continue working if I start making the flowers now. Thanks!

  8. just amasing and so beautiful

  9. Great! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love the look of these poppies! I can’t wait to make a bunch….

  11. Ahhhh, they came out so beautiful, and delicate and..and..realistic and all the colors, swoooon!

  12. These are beautiful! I am going to attempt these in reds with dark centers for Memorial Day. Your step by step makes it look so easy!

  13. Lia, you’re such a Godsend. Thank you for your very kind sharing of your beautiful craft work. Your talent & ideas are magnificent and truly inspirational. I am so very grateful for and to you. I’ve been suffering from depression and your website is helping me to explore my creative side again in my down time whilst I recover. It is a delight; again thank you. x

    • Oh that is just so good to hear. I do feel that tapping into your creativity can be very healing. It works for me at least. 😉

  14. Instead of bleaching, I used white tissue paper and kid’s watercolors…less mess with softer color variations!

  15. Oh my… these are so crazy gorgeous I can’t stand it! I’ve been wanting to make some paper flowers to decorate for Mother’s Day but was intimidated by most I saw.. these are not only my favorite but look easy too! Thank you so much and your photos are beautiful!

  16. wooow this is sooo gorgious and beautiful and very pretty. love it.
    and thank you very much for the tute and the sharing.
    I was allready impressed by your skills. and still much more.;-D

  17. Oh, Lia, you really spoil us:). I love your site and your amazing creativity! Thank you for sharing! These poppies are gorgeous and I love poppies, so… I’m off to make some poppies. I still have bleach on my table that I just used on a tank top, how appropriate :).

  18. Poppies are my favorite flower and I never can get them to grow in my garden. These are so beautiful that my craft challenged self might give it a go! Thanks for sharing your talented creativity!

  19. Those are so creative! Love he idea of using bleach. Those would look lovely in a little girl’s room.

  20. Those look so lovely and very life-like. I really like how you used bleach to get the graduated color fade.

  21. So pretty, thank you for the directions. This is going to be an upcoming project.

  22. You really amazed me with your talent, Lia! I absolutely agree that any paper can be transformed into beautiful paper flowers like these but I’ll certainly need your hands for that! Lovely work as always. Thank you for sharing them again :)

  23. OMG!!! I am absolutely speechless, these are so, so awesome! Definitely need to try this! Thanks so much for sharing your great talent.

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