Dress Up Your Plain White Candles with Gold Leaf & Glitter

Gold Foil Glitter CandlesHappy Friday! Here is a fun and easy project that you can use to dress up your plain white pillar candles and cylinder glass vases. Even though I display these in my house year round, (you can see the two glass vases filled with heart shaped cutouts and scrabble pieces in my hallway tour and the candles are in the upcoming dining room tour), these glitter and gold leaf additions are perfect for fall entertaining and of course, holiday decor. They also make a great gift idea. I always keep a stash of the Ikea Fenomen uncented candles. I like them because they are very affordable and for the price they burn nicely. The glitter can be found at any craft store and the gold leaf I purchased at art supply store and is also available on Amazon for less than $8. By just using the double sided tape to create gold stripes, a gold rim or a chevron shape (you could even do polka dots) around my glass vases and candles, I took ordinary to glamorous. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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Thanks Lara! This may be an issue for candles that burn evenly, but these Ikea candles tend to burn in a tunnel so it works great for this brand.

Thanks for this lovely and easy idea. I need to look for the tape to use. I had no idea Scotch brand made double sided tape.

Do you get any sleep? Seems like you’re making gorgeous projects all the time. I love your candles, hearts, all of it. So pretty. I love the kind of informal glitz you do. As soon as I saw your little hearts I had to make some. Went to find a piece of music. Did you use heavier paper to make the hearts and the glittered heart? Thought I’d make some of the little hearts with card stock. I try to make sure I have plenty of it.
Living out away from town makes it necessary to stock up when I can so if I see something I want to make I can get to it right away. Hate to have to wait til I can go into G.J. Love how the little hearts look in that glass container.
I decorated some shorter round containers I’d gotten at a thrift store, 3 different sizes. I used a dauber to make dots on them in different colors of metallic paints, sprinkled some glitter on some of dots.
I’ve yet to try the faux mercury glass, have the paint. We have so much wind out where we live it’s hard to find a good day to spray paint. No basement or garage to paint in. Have you done any faux mercury painting?
I was getting kind of a crafting block but since I found your blog you’ve re-inspired me.
Happy daze and weekend Lia

Haha! I do but once awake I am on GO. I always feel like I am in catch up mode, to be honest. It helps to have my posts from my previous blog that I can pull from, but I am almost out of those. Oh dear. I did use a card stock for the glitter hearts, but something like a thin foam core works even better. These class cylinders were from thrift too. They come in handy for storing craft supplies and now decorated have been moved into my main house. I have not tried faux mercury but it sounds like something I shall put on my list. I love the look. So happy you are crafting along with me. Yay!!