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Easy DIY Envelope Pillow Covers

DIY Envelope Pillow Cover Another favorite version of pillow covers that I like to DIY for decorating is the envelope style. If you missed yesterday’s post here is a link to the zipper pillow cover tutorial. This simple envelope style cover is made from three pieces of fabric where two are overlapping, to make an easy insertion and removal of the pillow form. As you can see in my photos, both of the versions I am showing you have extra detail beyond the three pieces of fabric. The black and tan linen pillow I made a few years ago with a iron-on transfer and black piping. The piping was added to the fabric edge before sewing the front and back pieces together. The floral pillow is something I made today for this tutorial, and for my bedroom. . . which you will see in a full tour later this week. I show you in the tutorial below how to make the basic envelope cover and how you might add buttons and loops for details. The aqua pintuck bedding that I purchased from West Elm includes the large euro pillow covers which are also simple envelope construction. This is a great option for a bed where the pillows are more decorative and less used and where a zipper may not be as soft as you like. Now that we have finished sewing the pillows, let’s move onto the curtains. . . tomorrow. Cheers! ~ Lia

Easy DIY Pillow Covers DIY Pillow Cover EnvelopePillowTutorial

  1. Do you happen to know the name or brand of the floral green/aqua pillow? It’s gorgeous!

  2. Voce é maravilhosa, estou no Brasil, em Curitiba morrendo de vontade de estar ai ao seu lado…..

  3. These are beautiful! I think I might need to make a trip to the fabric store tomorrow.

  4. I love the look of this floral pillow. Very feminine and classy. Thanks for posting how to make it.

  5. Oh how pretty! I love the buttons design! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! :)

  6. Great post, project and tutorial Lia. Think I’ll have to make my envelope pillows this way, at least a couple of them. Usually I have the lap over in the back but love how the loops with buttons looks, lots more stylish and snazzy.
    Really pretty pillow covers, love fabric you used. Thanks for sharing yet again another great post. Happy days

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