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Easy to Make Back Tab Curtains

DIY Back Tab Linen Curtains Today I am finishing up my curtains for the bedroom. Wow! What a difference well placed curtains can make. I will be sharing a post on how to hang curtains in the future but for this post I want to talk about how to make them. Below you can see my before (the curtains that were here when I moved in) and after photo of the window. Look how much larger the window looks with this simple placement of curtains. I purchased a roll of natural linen quite a few months ago knowing that I would use it for this room when the time came. The room is not so large, so I did not want to hang too much fabric, but just enough to add the fabric softness the room needed. I measured my curtain to go all the way from ceiling and puddle slightly onto the floor. I chose to make them in two panels to frame the window and giving just enough fabric to fully cover the window. Once I knew my curtain finished size, from rod to floor, I added six inches to the top that would allow me to give the top detail above the tabs. Once you have the right size for your panels, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below to make these back tab curtains. They are so simple to make and give a very polished look once done. Once I hung these new curtains, the room felt amazingly taller and roomier. This is why I love to hang my curtains high. Stay tuned for my full bedroom tour later this week. Cheers! ~ Lia

Curtains Before After DIY Curtains Back Tab Curtain Tutorial

  1. Thanks Lia…I was just asked to make four panels exactly like this with room darkening lining behind. I would think I would probably sew the lining to the top and sides and hem the fabric and lining separately. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Lia,
    I am just wondering what paint color you have on the wall in this pic. We recently purchased some linen curtains that look almost identical to the ones you have here and I really like the way yours look with that wall color. Great job and great tips!

  3. Can you open and close the drapes with these tabs? I just hung curtains that are about 2″ too long hung from rings, but they have a border so I can’t hem them, and the rods are already as high as they can go! Trying to think of creative ways to hand the drapes to pull them up a bit. I think this is the answer but they have to open/close every day…

  4. Hi Lia just looking at your instructions for the top edge of the curtains- do you need to machine stitch a seam with the tabs -otherwise it will be a raw edge


  5. This project is gorgeous!! I have two questions: 1. Do you remember where you found this great linen or 2. Can you recommend a good place to shop for something like it?

  6. Hi Lia, I also noticed that you put some type of trim above your window. Was this a DIY project too? What did you use for that? True trim or something else? I love the look!

    • The window trim was already there. I think in the before photo it had less light on it so it looked darker. I am lucky to have pretty windows. :-)

  7. I want to make these for my LR window but need to add a room darkening fabric behind the one I choose. Any suggestions as to how to do this?


  8. Two tutorials in two days and both are what I need. How great is that? I’ll have to think about how high to hang the panels since our ceilings are 9′ tall and then goes up into a vaulted ceiling. Our windows (all of them) are 71″ high. Any suggestions?

    • I would be bold and hang them at the 9 feet. It is a lot of fabric, but you don’t want to stunt such a gorgeous high ceiling. Mine are 9 too but without the vault. If you are unsure, take a photo of the windows and make paper curtains to place and adjust over the photos. You could do this on the computer too. This might give you a great visual to work with.

  9. Wow! What a difference the extra length makes. It really does make the room seem larger, brighter, and more luxurious. And your instructions are easy to follow. Your blog is one of the very best. Keep the good stuff coming to us, and do enjoy your new home.

  10. This room is coming together beautifully, Lia…can’t wait to see the big reveal.

    Loved all of your pillows this week. The fabrics you chose were so unique and stunning together.

    Lisa :)

    • Thanks! I just have a few pieces of art to finish today so I can post. . . tomorrow. Whew. I can’t wait till my house is done. Dining room next!

  11. Great post and tutorial Lia, love this. I have curtains now that have the back tabs on them, done little differently but I like the look much better. I will be making bedroom curtains with paint cloth hopefully after payday. I’ll be buying wider cloth so there will be enough to cover windows well. Need them to help insulate the room in winter form the cold and summer from the heat. We enjoy all 4 seasons around here.
    Anyway, I plan to also stencil a design on the curtains. This is an ambitious project for me but I’m very determined to do it. Making the curtains no big deal but stenciling them yes. I’m trying to decide if it will be an all over design or maybe just on each side of each panel. It’s taken me awhile to decide to stencil and have decided what design I want to use. You are a big inspiration for me so I’m very glad I found your blog. Happy days

    • I love curtains from paint cloth. You could also stencil the top or bottom edge of the curtains. It depends on your room and how much pattern it can take. I am doing a stencil rug post soon. Maybe that will inspire. :-)

  12. The curtains and the hanging of the curtains look spectacular!! I feel the need to copy! Good job!

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