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Editable Grocery List Just for You

Citrus_Design_Grocery_List_PrintableSummer is here! The kids are almost out of school which means you could use a little more help staying organized, right? Well here is a pretty printable that we made just for you. I get to say “we” now because I have been joined here in my studio by the talented Lindsay Kretchun, who is an amazing illustrator and watercolor artist. She painted these pretty citrus illustrations for the summery grocery list that you can not only print, but add and edit your own items to make it personalize right in Adobe Acrobat. LOVE! Below you will see the simple tutorial on how you can edit, print and make these into little pads that hang with a binder clip or mini clipboard. At the end of the post is the button to download the PDF. These would make great house warming or newlywed gifts, don’t you think? Enjoy~ Lia


  1. I really love this, thank you for sharing! I was wondering though if it would be possible to remove entire sections?
    Also, on the dry erase note – a cheaper diy is to slip it inside a page protector!

    • Since this is a freebie, I can’t offer custom design. You can place it in Word and cover it with a white box which may work. 😉

  2. I don’t know what happened…I saved and printed…but got black and white…I went to preferences and couldn’t find a place to change to color…any ideas how I can print in color? (what caught my eye)

    • It is your printer setting then. Do some poking around to see how to fix it. Maybe look in the print window and see if there is a b/w or color option.

  3. I have one similar to this. I bought laminating sheets (C-Line brand I think) and laminated them, and I use a dry erase marker to mark what I need each week. Love it – I don’t have to remember to make more copies, I save paper, and I can erase items as I go through the store so I can see what i have left to get! Also, categorize it by food section in the store so you don’t have to circle back around (produce, dairy etc). So helpful!

  4. The grocery list is sooo amazing! My mother has been talking about making me more responsible with all the household working arrangements-and i had’nt a clue of where to even start.. stumbled upon this, and it gives me a good picture of what all is required and makes it a perfect checklist to start off with.
    Thank you! :)

  5. Love this!

  6. So lovely! Thank you :)

  7. I’ve neeeded something like this for ever! And it’s lovely too. Thanks for the directins on how to make it into a pad with Mod Podge.

  8. This is too pretty! I can’t wait to use it! And I LOVE that it’s editable. (When you posted on Instagram I thought you had said it was edible. haha.)

  9. Beautiful! I also like the bag, where is it from? Thanks for sharing the list with us!

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