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Four Paper Succulent Tutorials and Patterns + Win a Cricut Explore!

DIY_Paper_Succulent_Arrangement I am officially in love with paper succulents! These are so fun to make using a variety of card stock papers and my Cricut Explore cutting machine. Of course you can cut them by hand which would give an even more natural look, but I am a busy girl so this is a perfect cutting machine project for me. I purchased all of may paper at Michaels craft store. I picked a textured card stock with polka dots in several different colors, a felted card stock and a pale lavender wash paper. You can choose your own color palette of deep greens, pale spring greens, sage blues, plums and lavenders that inspire you. My initial project for these succulents was the wreath from yesterday’s post. Today I am showing you how you can use one simple succulent in a little pot or add multiple paper plants to almost any container for a gorgeous arrangement. For all of my arrangement I used a simple piece floral foam that I purchased at Michaels that fit nicely into the container. You can cut your foam for the best fit. I then covered the foam with small pebbles or moss and with the floral pins built right into each succulent, attached them right into the foam. If you are making these for bridal bouquets or bouts, you can replace the pin with a floral wire. For the wreath project I used a round green foam wreath. There is a photo of it at the end of this post. Below you will find the step-by-step tutorial of all four plants. Remember you can add variety by using different colors of paper and changing the size for larger and smaller plants. At the end of the post is a download for the PDF pattern for these four succulent plants.  You can find the SVG file on Design Space. Also. . . make sure and check the end of the post to see how you can WIN a Cricut Explore. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper_Succluent_DIY_Wreath Paper_Succulent_Monogram Mini_Pots_Succulent_DIY _DIY_Paper_Succulents DIY_Succulent_Monogram_Paper Succulents_Paper_DIY Paper_Succulent_DIY PaperSucculentTutorial Paper_Succulent_Wreath_Steps PaperSucculantButtonWIN A CRICUT EXPLORE! Cricut is giving away an Explore each day until the end of July. All you have to do is upload a photo of ANY (not just Cricut made) project they’ve made and tag #cricut and #imadeit on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Also tag me (#liagriffith) in your post so I will know when you win! Click here for the official rules. Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post by either Cricut or Michaels, though this project has been entered into a Cricut contest where I could win a prize if chosen. imadeit

  1. Hi! I love this DIY. I’m going to try it for sure and feature it in my blog. 😀

  2. Went into Michaels to find the paper you used for the succulents. When I asked about felted card stock they answered all they carry is felt. Not real helpful.

    Do you have another source for this product?

  3. I downloaded the paper succulent PDF and do not see succulent pattern #1?
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Lia!
    I just wanted to say thank you! I started making paper flowers for a friends wedding, and am now hooked! I’ve done the flowers for three weddings now, and have another coming up in August! The first two weddings were using your paper rose pattern, and the third was poppies and succulents.
    The wedding this fall is utilizing peonies, roses, ranunculus, and anemonies, all made from Italian Crepe!
    I’m having so much fun, and the brides are loving it, too!

  5. Oh, please help…. I’ve bought and downloaded the pattern from the circuit app on my iPad. However, I do not own a cricut machine, how can I print it to cut by hand? I can’t seem to find anywhere how to do it.

  6. Hi, I also have 2 Cricuts but love both…they compliment ea other so another one would be great..I could run ea one separately…lol

  7. Hi Lia,

    Thanks for sharing! I actually have two Cricut machines and would actually like to start using them! Can you tell me what Cricut cartridge or template you used?

    Can’t wait to experiment with my Cricut cutters (finally, after several years of sitting untouched in their boxes) and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    Marty B
    San Diego

  8. Sorry, I am a true beginner!
    I have just hand cut 3 succulents and really love them-thanks.
    I have a wedding next year and am thinking of making some paper flowers, therefore will need a cutter. I have the Explore manual, but will I be able to upload a PDF to the Explore? It doesn’t mention that format.
    Thanks for any help with this purchasing decision :)

  9. Absolutely love these, as I love succulents, they are such cool shapes! Can’t wait to make, by hand however as I don’t have a cricut. Oh I wish!!
    Love all your creations, your a clever lady. Will be forever on your website. L

  10. Hi Lia, wow, you are amazing. My head is spinning. Can I ask what hot glue gun you use? It looks just like what I am after. Cheers Tracey-Leigh. Xx

  11. Ну разве можно подумать, что эти цветы не настоящие? Эти суккуленты такие милашки!Лия, это потрясающе, спасибо Вам!

  12. thank-you so much for your generosity in sharing the template and tutorial. These have been a lifesaver for me as I plan to use them for wedding favours for my interstate and overseas guests as they can’t take the real succulents home with them! perfection! plus they are so fun to make.

  13. J’aime vraiment tout ce que vous réalisez.Je me met à la tache pour tout faire.

  14. Gorgeous! I need to make these.

  15. Thank you for all your great tips I saw the contest on your blog and I’m actually in the top 50 finalist! Please vote for Pauline Franco

  16. I finally glued together my first three succulents, Then took them to my daughter, the true crafter; She loved them! I am so darn proud of myself! Next up, a peony, I just received my first order from cartefini. So grateful for your shopping suggestions!

    • How exciting, I am proud of you too! So happy to hear that you like Carte Fini, one of my favorite shopping trips:) Have fun making the peony.

  17. This is the most fun paper crafting project I’ve ever done! Thanks so much for the pattern. I used my Explore to help with the cutting, and my project turned out beautiful.

  18. I started making my own succulent wreath today based on your pattern but with different colors, and it is looking amazing. I have to make about 20 more flowers to fill it up, but I am excited to make something I’m proud of! Plus, the Explore saved me a tin of time cutting by hand! Thanks for your beautiful and fun design.

  19. Congratulations on being the July Design Space Star winner, Lia! Your wreath is lovely.

  20. I LOVE these paper succulents! Any chance you’ll be sharing the svg files for these patterns? I tried to open your pdf file in photoshop to convert it to a jpg (for uploading to Cricut), but it’s saying the files isn’t a valid pdf for some reason. Thank you!!

    • I will not be sharing the SVG files until I know who won the contest. Crossing my fingers that is will be available on Cricut soon.

  21. I do have a computer-just have to check if the system is current enough. I use my iPad almost exclusively! Thanks for the info tho.

  22. Hi Lia

    Yet another “Lia Masterpiece” to inspire us all.
    And can I say – you’ve tempted me in a way that you haven’t before.

    Although I have made a number of your gorgeous creations before – your feathers were my ABSOLUTE favourite – I am actually in love with REAL succulents and have loved experimenting using them with old books, recycled timber, etc.

    BUT . . . you have inspired me to have a crack-a-lack at making some paper versions. And, I may just have to tweak your design by using alternative papers.

    I’ll let you know if it’s a success (or not 😉

    As always – love your work!!!<3

  23. These are so cute I can’t wait to try them. I love the shades of paper you used, especially the polka dot ones.

  24. Your flowers are a delight. Thankyou so much for your generous share.

  25. I love all of you paper flowers they look so real. Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful shares.

  26. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  27. What to do ????What to do??? the Cricut Explore has opened my eyes as to needing and wanting one….Now to start a savings in order to get one… I love all of the flowers that you create. You have made me purchase cardstock and a ton of ink for my printer….please keep them coming..and thank you for a chance to win if not there is always plan 2 the savings that I have started.

  28. Where can I find the pattern to download for the succulents? I can’t seem to find it. Thank you these are beautiful

  29. Amazing machine….Never had one but sure want one. Love the succulents.
    Thanks and God bless.

  30. Cricut explore question – can you use the explore with JUST your iPad or do you need to connect to a computer. I LOVE your paper flowers and don’t mind cutting by hand but would like to have the machine option also!

  31. Oh I didn’t know the Cricut Explore could do that! That’s amazing :) Thanks!

  32. Hi Lisa!! I am in love with this!! I have a Cricut Expression but am unsure how you cut these with the machine. Did you use a cartridge? I realllly don’t want to cut them all by hand!!


    • This is my design so no, I didn’t use a cartridge. I uploaded my design into my Cricut Explore (expressions will not allow you to upload your own designs sadly). You may be able to find some pre designed shapes that are similar to the ones in my design though.

  33. Hi Lia
    I always love your paper flower, this succulents turn out very beautiful can´t wait to make them, thanks for sharing with us. Can your please tell me what file or cartridge is to use with the Cricut? TIA

    • This is my personal design so I did not use a cartridge. The beauty of Cricut Explore is being able to upload designs. It is possible that this will be available through Cricut soon though so stay tuned.

  34. Cannot wait to give these a try. You are a constant source of inspiration. Keep it up! Would love to win the new Cricut and give it a try.

  35. Oh Lia! The wreath is beautiful! I am going to have to do this very very soon!I love all of designs!

  36. Another lovely pattern. Your designs are always so beautiful but I don’t always drop you a post to let you know. Well, now you know, THANKS a bunch.

  37. These are lovely. Got to try. Thanks

  38. WOW! These are amazing, Lia!! Absolutely stunning!

  39. Love these succulents. Making a cut file for them. Pinned as well.

  40. Easy to love!

  41. These are amazing, just as all your work and designs are! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  42. Hola Lia,
    Ens fas unes coses tan maques que …em quedo sempre bocabadada !!
    Una abraçada

  43. Hi Lia! I love your work! Which diecut did you use? Many thanks!

    • I guess I need to rephrase my post since several of you are asking this question. These are my own designs, so no file from Cricut. The Explore allows you to upload your own designs. I will let you know though when these are on the Cricut site for download. 😉

  44. Thanks! I love these! They are just the right level of craftiness to get me started after a short hiatus.

  45. Hi Lia! I am wondering how u curl your leaves. I know it says with a scissors edge and I tried that with the hydrangeas and ended up ripping them. Any suggestions? I ended up using a colored pencil but they were too curly I think.

    • Try closing your scissors and using the blunt edge rather than the sharp. Also, start gently and work up to a stronger curl. This will help you find that sweet spot without ripping. Every paper handles different.

  46. These are lovely. Got to try. Thanks

  47. I don’t have a face book account. Does this mean I can’t get the pdf file?

  48. These succulents are gorgeous! What a great idea. Pinning. :)

  49. hi lia–
    can’t wait to make my own wreath–
    unfortunately, ypur link to the patterns does not work
    : (

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