fji18643We were chatting to the girls at Darling Magazine recently and offered them a DIY project that they just couldn’t refuse. A gorgeous floral desk arrangement, in three ways. The fall season is most notable for its falling leaves and dropping temperatures. All of the gorgeous blooms of spring and summer start to close up and begin their hibernation periods. One plant this is always stylish for the colder months is succulents! I have loved designing paper succulents and felt succulents in the past, and now it is time to do a crepe paper update using the nature-inspired greens from the extra fine crepe line. The download below includes three different types of crepe paper succulents for variety.

Start this project by gathering your materials. The main materials we used to create our crepe paper succulents were Cypress and Green Tea crepe, but you will also need a bit of poly-fill for the large Green Tea succulent. Find the full list of tools and materials in the printable instructions below. Once you have your materials, print the PDF template to use as a guide for cutting your crepe. An important note! You will see that the template shows a fold line on the edges of the leaves. This means that you should fold the crepe in half lengthwise so that there are two layers of crepe stacked with the grain positioned vertically. Place the template on top of the two layers of crepe and then cut. 

Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below and the printable instructions as you craft your crepe paper succulents. When you finish your succulents, try using them to style your own no-maintenance-required terrarium. Or, pair them with some macrame wall hangings or copper plant hangers depending on which fits best with your personal taste. These little cuties make wonderful desk ornaments and housewarming gifts! To make crepe paper succulents in all colors in nature, browse the papers in the shop

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