Felt Succulent Vertical Garden

I cannot get enough of the look of succulents. I have them all over my home and garden, and now I have them in paper and felt. Today we are sharing our latest DIY project using foam blocks from Floracraft® Make It:Fun®. Last month I spent time getting my back yard ready for summer and have been wanting to create a piece of wall art for one of the studio walls out there. These foam blocks provided the perfect starting point to create a felt succulent vertical garden for that space.

My DIY paper succulents were so popular that it seemed only right to make them in felt as well – especially since I’m going loopy over felt at the moment! I’ll be sharing the tutorials and patterns for these succulents in a couple days but today I wanted to talk about the completed wall art. Start by choosing a wooden container that it right for your space. I chose long, thin, rectangular boxes to suit the space I had marked out on my yard wall. You might want to stain or paint your containers first, if so, do this well before you want to put your vertical garden together.

Measure the inside of your boxes and cut the foam blocks to fit.  Use the Flora Craft Styro Cutter to cut the foam blocks.  Secure the foam into the box with a little glue then begin adding moss to the top of the foam until it is fully covered. To secure the moss add a few bent floral wires made into a pin. Use the U shaped pins secure your succulents into the foam. Play around with placing different sizes and colors of succulents in different places. My tip would be to avoid placing the succulents in lines. Create a more organic look by working in triangles. Starting somewhere near the middle and working your way out is a good method if you are unsure. Continue until all the felt succulents are secured in place. The nice things about using the DIY pins is that they are re position-able. If you are planning to hang your felt succulent vertical garden outside, make sure it is on a wall covered by a porch roof or similar – wool felt does not like the rain! You can hang it indoors or use it as a centerpiece on an outdoor table or windowsill. Be sure to check back in a couple days for the tutorials and patterns for those lovely felt succulents! See you then! ~ Lia

Part 1 of the succulent tutorial
Part 2 of the succulent tutorial