macrame_wall_art_00003Maybe it’s just because I live in Portland, but I have been noticing macrame everywhere lately. Macrame has become an extremely popular art form over the last few years! They can make for really cute decorative plant hangers, pretty jewelry, and funky wall hangings. We decided to get on board with the macrame train, and below you will find instructions to make your own macrame wall art! Because our obsession with copper only seems to be growing, we used a copper base for our macrame wall art.

Begin this project by picking up some flexible copper tubing and copper wire from your local hardware store. You will also need a tube cutter for this step. Flexible copper tubing will be used to create the base of the macrame. We started by forming rings of copper for our wall art. Cut your tubing to whatever size you would like. For our three ringed wall hanging, the largest ring was made with a 29″ piece of copper tubing, and the smaller rings were 22″ and 14″. Once you cut each piece, thread copper wire through the tubing. With wire coming out of each end of the tubing, twist the wire together to secure the ring form. After you have finished forming the three rings, you will tie them together with your cotton cording.

To make the actual macrame part of the wall hanging, you will need cotton cording. We used 1/8-inch cotton cording for ours. There are lots of different types of macrame, but our macrame wall art only uses a basic series of square knots. Follow our step-by-step photo tutorial below to guide you through the braiding process! I love this project because it is so easy to make it your own. Customize your macrame to the space that you are decorating or to your personal style. Our braid is only three inches long, but you could easily make something longer! This macrame wall art would also look beautiful with stainless steel copper tubing. Your local hardware store is a treasure trove waiting to be explored!

I would love to see your macrame wall art creations using our tutorial, so feel free to share your photos with me! Tag your Instagram photos with the hashtag #LiasFridayFeatures or email your photos to Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for daily DIY inspiration, and browse our membership options to start downloading the templates on the site! Enjoy ~ Lia