Copper My favorite current design trend has to be all the gorgeous metallics that I am seeing, particularly copper. Hayneedle recently asked me for a quote to add to their 2016 top home decor trends post, and I knew I had to talk about this beautiful metal. Because copper is a natural conductor of energy, naturopaths believe that it is a powerful metal that can help in healing the mind and the body. To highlight all the beautiful and amazing ways that you can incorporate copper into your home decor and personal style, I thought I would create this trend post to showcase how versatile the material is! Instead of buying copper items at home goods and jewelry stores, keep reading to find out how easy it can be to make them yourself 🙂

Copper is a beautiful material for home decor because the color provides a warm, rustic feel, while the metallic aspect adds a balance of modernity. One of the most obvious ways to mix copper into your current home decor is with various kitchen utensils. I love the copper mixing bowls and canisters that Anthropologie is currently showing in their home section. And of course, there are the ever popular Moscow Mule mugs that bars are practically begging their customers not to steal! Because copper is so trendy, it can be tough to find copper accents that are also affordable. That’s why I love making my own copper items! The hardware store is my oyster, and you can use copper tubing to make so many fun DIY projects. If you are wanting to incorporate copper tones into your kitchen, why not make our DIY plant hangers to add some greenery to your kitchen window sill? Just remember to use faux air plants with these copper planters! Copper will unfortunately kill real air plants.

This soft metallic hue can also be incorporated well into your living room decor. One of my very favorite home stores, West Elm, is showing some beautiful copper floor lamps and table lamps that mix retro with modern design. Copper pairs well with multiple color schemes, but it looks especially great with charcoal and slate greys, rich navies, and delicate blush pinks. I love the idea of adding these gorgeous copper knobs from Schoolhouse Electric to a charcoal chalk painted desk. Display a blooming bouquet of blush and copper paper roses on an end table or your mantel for an easy and inexpensive accent. Because copper pairs so well with all variations of grey, it has been especially trendy to make copper and concrete combinations. This jewelry holder that I spotted at Nordstrom is simply divine. Or, follow our simple tutorial to make some unique and interesting DIY concrete planters with copper foiling!      

Metallics are nothing new. I have always been a gold girl! I have designed various gold home decor accents in the past, such as personalized monograms, gold wreaths, gold glitter candles, and even a gold sunburst mirrorIncorporating fresh accents of copper or brass can actually add a beautiful depth to those classic metallic tones like gold and silver. My favorite way to create pretty metallic combinations is with my jewelry. I have always been a huge fan of Madewell’s jewelry selection. They love gold just as much as I do! So why not try accessorizing some of Madewell’s pretty gold rings with a beautiful copper necklace? Here is another example of how your local hardware store can come in handy. We have five different designs of DIY copper necklaces on the website, all of which were made from hardware store supplies. Copper tubing is your friend! It comes in lots of different widths, so you can play around with it in so many ways. These three necklace designs are all featured with a neutral leather cording, or you can match our other copper necklace designs with twine or black cording. If you are looking for more copper jewelry ideas, check out Anthropologie’s beautiful brass and copper watch. They certainly know how to mix their metals! 

Be sure to also check out some of the other amazing copper DIYs floating around the internet! Emily Henderson shows you how to make these awesome DIY knobs and Natalie from the Natalme blog has a super easy project to make your own tablet stand using copper pipe. Brittany Jepsen of House that Lars Built did this amazing project for Design Sponge showing you how to add some cute copper accents to your curtain rods with some simple spray paint. I love them all! And stay tuned for an easy tutorial on how to make copper bracelets using embroidery floss later this week. See you soon! ~ Lia