It’s always fun to get a box of foam shapes from Floracraft. We’ll all sit around staring at the contents of the box for a good few minutes, throwing out ideas, sketching and generally scratching our crafty heads to come up with something fabulous to make. This months box of foam was full of different sized of cones, a few jars of foam smoothing paste, a foam knife and instructions to make a home decor project. I have a secret love for mid-century decor, so, inspired by the summer sunshine here in rainy Portland, we decided to make a gold-foiled sunburst mirror. First, we used the foam knife that arrived in our box to cut 8 foam cones in half lengthwise. We then covered each half with the smoothing paste and let it dry thoroughly. Once dry, all of the cones were given a fresh coat of gold spray paint to tint everything into our finished tone. We then used mod podge with gold leaf to cover each half cone with a glimmer finish. I happen to have a round mirror that I picked up from Ikea, so to create an even circle of foam we glued a wide gold ribbon onto the base of the cones in the order they would be arranged on the mirror. This string of cones was then formed into the circle on top of the mirror and we carefully hot glued the cones onto the mirror, the longest being on the top and the bottom of the mirror. Voila! This oh-so-glam piece is ready to hang on the wall. Cheers! ~ Lia

DIY_Sunburst_Mirror_Foam DIY_Foam_Sunburst_Mirror