Moscow_Mule_Father_DayIf you have been following our Father’s Day posts this week you might have caught onto our theme this year. Inspired by those Dad’s we know who love nothing more than to get the family together for a long, lazy afternoon BBQ our DIY Father’s Day line-up is all about entertaining, enjoying yourself and spending time with the ones you love. Pop back to earlier posts to see our charming designs for tea towels, BBQ aprons, beer glasses and tags. Today we are excited to share our yummy Moscow Mule cocktail recipe that is super simple to make and will be LOVED by the guys (us ladies think it’s gorgeous too!). Portland is home to so many breweries and distilleries and I recently found this Portland Potato Vodka. Most vodka is made from grains (understanding that the grain is distilled out I still prefer the potato version), where the Portland Potato Vodka is made from – you guessed it – potatoes. This humble vegetable actually makes a delicious vodka that is clear and clean and perfect for using in your favorite cocktail. ¬†We added ginger beer, lime and a little mint to our potato vodka over ice – simple, delicious and a perfect Father’s Day treat. Serve in these copper Moscow Mule mugs from West Elm for added wow! For a non-alcoholic version substitute the vodka for an extra 2oz ginger beer. Click on the PDF below to download either the completed recipe card or an editable version for your own variations – the design compliments our dish towels and other DIY Father’s Day projects so can be given and kept for future celebrations. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Moscow_Mule_Ingredients Editable_Recipe_Cards_Fathers_Day Fathers_Day_Moscow_Mule Moscow_Mule_Recipe_Card Moscow_Mule_Recipe