DIY Concrete Planters

Copper and concrete are two big trends that I am loving in design these days. I feel like I see them everywhere! More and more trendy restaurants are incorporating concrete floors or accent walls into their decor, and trendy clothing and home decor shops are showcasing copper jewelry and home goods. As you may know, I have loved the opportunity to play around with designing DIY copper necklaces. And concrete is a trend that I had even incorporated into my home decor a couple of years ago when I updated my kitchen counter tops. After thinking about how I could combine the two trends for the ultimate home decor project, I came up with making DIY concrete planters displaying copper succulents. Thanks to Michaels, this vision became a reality! These copper succulents in DIY concrete planters are a fabulous way to refresh your home decor for spring, and they are so easy to make!

I started by ordering some concrete off Amazon. The only materials you will need for mixing your concrete are water, paper cups, and a plastic utensil. So simple! I found these copper succulents as a part of Michaels new Floral Market, which includes 500 other new floral products to choose from! Of course I went for the trendy metallics, but they have a bloom to match any home decor and color scheme. Even just adding a few of these floral pieces could be enough to refresh your decor for spring. I was giddy from the possibilities!

When you are mixing your concrete, be sure that you are mixing in a paper container, because you certainly will not be able to wash concrete off of anything. Choose a disposable container that fits the size you are looking for. I used a paper coffee cup and soup container for my planters. Follow the instructions on the cement container for mixing in the water. Stir your concrete with a utensil that is also disposable- I used a plastic knife. Let your mixture dry slightly until it has a bit of a goopy texture, and then stick your succulents right into the concrete. You will want to hold your succulents in place for about 15 minutes so the concrete can start to set, then you can leave them to dry overnight. After they have dried, remove the paper cup just by ripping it off by its seam. DIY concrete planters really are that easy!

To dress up our DIY concrete planters, we added some copper foiling at the bottom, which you should be able to find at any craft store. Use Mod Podge glue to attach your copper foil and let it dry overnight. Don’t be shy with the foil. Put on a generous amount and then you can remove the excess the next day.

And that’s it! I love this project because it gives the impression that it so much more complex than it really is. With this project you will have a beautiful addition to your DIY home decor and a unique activity idea for a crafting weekend with your friends! So make a trip to Michaels, pick out your favorite blooms, and plan your own crafty girls night! And don’t forget to share your photos with me by tagging @liagriffith or using the hashtag #DIYDreamingWithLia on your Instagram photos. If you don’t have an Instagram, email them into and I will always share my favorites. Cheers to refreshing your home decor for spring! ~ Lia

CopperSucculent_2DIY concrete plantersDIY concrete planters with copper foil

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