Lia_Griffith_Scandinavian_Kitchen_1I have been so excited to freshen up my kitchen decor and becoming a finalist in Cricut’s “Design Space Star” competition has given me the perfect opportunity to do so! For the final challenge, the 5 round winners were given the challenge to re-decorate one room in our home. (You can see my winning designs from round 1, the succulent wreath and round 3, the paper bridal bouquet). I redesigned both my dining and living room last year and with the kitchen sharing the same open plan space I have been looking forward to bringing the entire space together in one cohesive look. Take a look at my video tour below showcasing all the Cricut cut pieces we put together for the room. You can even find the recipe for gluten-free cookies I am making here.

The first changes I made to my kitchen were to remove the old formica counter tops and replace them with this gorgeous concrete. It has a warmth to it that you would not expect from such a material and I love how natural it looks and feels. The second big change was to the kitchen cabinets. I repainted the doors on the right from a pale yellow to a glossy white to reflect lots of light from the windows opposite. I had such fun with the wall cabinets either side of the windows. I wanted to create the feeling of more space so after removing the doors, I lined the insides of the cabinets with a wallpaper that I designed and had printed at I am so pleased with the results here and the space is perfect for displaying my favorite glassware and white dished. Another of my favorite additions is the wooden back panel above the stove. Surprisingly, it’s made from cedar fence paneling that I picked up in Home Depot. It’s a simple idea that brings real warmth to the room. The final big change was to replace the pendant over the breakfast bar with a smaller version of my DIY industrial chandelier – don’t you love it?

My absolute favorite color for the spring season is Tiffany Blue and so you’ll notice it sprinkled throughout my kitchen bringing a freshness that’s perfect for the season. We used Design Space and my Cricut Explore to create seventeen unique and personalized pieces for the room and I am super excited to share some of them with you over the next few days.

My design inspiration for this project comes from a mixture of my home town in the Pacific Northwest and the roots I have in Denmark. My Great Grandmother came to the U.S. in the 1930’s and I have fond memories of her home and how she maintained that Scandinavian style. There is a simplicity to Scandinavian art that perfectly compliments the tribal designs found in traditional Native American art. My heart is in both places and so to bring the two influences together seems only natural to me. My team and I designed a range of patterns and art and incorporated a few graphic designs from Cricut Design Space. We then cut them onto a variety of vinyls and iron-ons using my beloved Cricut Explore. By sticking to a color palette of white, silver, gold, black and of course my favorite Tiffany Blue, we’ve created a range of kitchen products that look part of one cohesive collection. Everything from my refrigerator to my KitchenAid, my coffee mugs to my oven mitts have been given the Lia Griffith stamp!

Take a look at the photographs below for before and after shots and the full tour.  Enjoy! ~ Lia