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Framable Quote in Chalkboard & Mixed Type Designs

Framable Life Quote TwoFramablesQuotes Happy Monday! I have such a busy week ahead finishing paper projects I am creating for Christmas. Yes, you heard me. . . Christmas in July. I won’t be sharing those with for a while, but I thought it would be a perfect time to share a few more of my favorite posts that I created for my former blog. Here is a quote that I fell in love with and designed in type that I also adore. I have both version framed and displayed in my house with the mixed type version right here in my office below my paper feather wreath. Just download your favorite version of the quote below and print. These designs fit an 8×10 frame or mat. Enjoy! ~ Lia

MixedTypeQuoteButton ChalkboardQuoteButton

  1. These are so beautiful! Is there an SVG file for the life quote?

  2. Don’t know where you find wonderful quotes to frame but glad you do, thanks so much for sharing them with us. This is very meaningful, makes a person think about their behavior and attitude. At least that’s way it seems to me.

    • I am always looking for that quote that grabs me. It has been a while and I am ready for a new one. Maybe I will do one by Maya to honor her wonderful life.

  3. Thanks so much Lia!!! Love these !!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful words to live by. Pretty soon I won’t have any wall space left in my craft room – and that’s a happy thing.


  5. Lovely! I have the chalkboard one hanging among photos of my friends now =) Thank you!

  6. Ah your a genius! The white mixed type one is going in our office that I’m currently redoing! It’s is just PERFECT! Light, bright and pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

    Danielle @ Glitter Bug

  7. Love both of these designs! Thanks so much!

  8. Its wonderful quotes. Lia, you totally inspire me! :) Thank you soo much! :)

  9. What an inspiration quote and beautiful font! I’ll be bookmarking this for the chalkboard print- will make a great addition as I design my new space :)

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