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Printable Holiday Gift Wrap: Merry Diamonds

Printable Chalkboard Gift Wrap I think you may all know by now that I have a thing for gift wrapping. And gift wrap. In a few minutes, I head over to West Elm to teach a creative gift wrapping class. I have been busy designing 16 different wraps these last few weeks, which I will post in the next few days. To finish the chalkboard gift wrap set, which you can download the other three here, I wanted to include this colorful diamond pattern that I call Merry Diamonds. Just use the button below to download and print it onto an 11×17 paper. You can print onto a smaller paper as well. These wraps are perfect for your small gifts. More tomorrow. . . ~ Lia

Printable Triangle Gift Wrap ChalkboardChristmasGiftWrap MerryDiamondsGiftWrap MerryDiamondGiftWrapButton

  1. Any suggestions for the best types of paper to use for this?

  2. Lia – I’ve been following your DIYs for awhile and don’t comment near as much as I should, but just wanted to say I absolutely love everything you do! Your ideas are incredible and unique and your photos are amazing – very inspiring for a fellow DIY blogger like myself! Definitely going to be printing some of this paper this gift wrap.

  3. I like a lot this very colored paper.
    Thanks so much
    Una abra├žada

  4. I love the geometric prints!

  5. Lia I love the diamond paper, beautiful. When I saw that I had to pause, it’s so pretty. There’s something about diamonds that really lures me in and colors you used are so jewel like.
    Been thinking of doing part of a wall with diamonds. I’d use the template for my garland to make them on the wall. Not sure what colors I’d use but want to try it. Worse case I can paint over it if I don’t like it.
    You have inspired me so many times I’m getting braver about trying things, for me anyway. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous pattern. Can use diamonds any time of year depending on colors used.
    Happy days

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