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How to Make the Paper Bows

Paper Bow Tree Decoratons Happy Friday everyone! A few of you have reminded me that even though I posted the printable paper bow templates, I did not give a tutorial on how to assemble them. So I will do just that today. In addition to the tutorial, I am including a Silhouette template as well and the outline template that you can either print onto your chosen paper or print on heavy card stock for a reusable outlining template. Both files have two versions, the first with the strap to wrap around your gift and the second two bows that you can use as toppers or as I did, for tree decorations. If you missed the printable bows with all of the pretty patters, you can find them in this post. To see them as I add them to my Christmas tree, you can watch my Handcrafted Holiday video. These bows can be used year round so hang onto this template for future use. Cheers! Lia

Paper Bow Gift Toppers DIY Paper Bows Paper Bow Tutorial PrintableBowButton SilhouetteBowButton

  1. I tries the paper bows,love them ,gonna be busy making them for my Christmas theme this year,, “The Paper Tree”. I have loads of colored paper” I may not come up for air. Lol

  2. Paper bows WOW!!!

  3. I just found your blog and I have to tell you, WOO HOO!!! Love it! Thanks for the tutorials and patterns I am going to be expanding my paper horizons. Thanks so so very much!!!
    xo Nana April

  4. Thanks so much for the download x

  5. WOW!! Thank you –Thank you. I really appreciate the (ahem) FREE printable bow layout. This will work for so many different occasions!!

  6. Thank you so much for the pretty bow tutorial and cut file! Thanks for the other tutorial posts too.

  7. Thank you for the pretty bows.

  8. The silhouette docs never open for me, i have no problem with the pdfs, what programme are you using for the silhouette? Thank you :)

    • Well, that may be because Silhouette files are for that cutting machine and open only for that program. I have also included a PDF of the same pattern in this post so I am sure that should work for your needs.

  9. I just have to say that I have been feeling a little down about Christmas this year as my parents will be moving to the other side of the world to be missionaries shortly after Christmas. I usually craft, shop, and wrap all month long, but haven’t felt like it this year. Finding your site yesterday brought that excitement back to me! Especially these bows! Thank you for sharing your ideas and talent! Now I have to get busy canning jams and making and wrapping gifts!

  10. Thank you so much for starting to make Silhouette patterns! I just bought one when you posted the discount code and I’m so excited to start using it! If you ever think about making a Silhouette pattern with your feathers I would be in Heaven! :-)

  11. I am loving your holiday tutorials. I do something call Saturday Spotlight on my very new blog where I spotlight a website, product, blog, etc. This past Saturday, you were my Spotlight! I just wanted to share your great ideas with my readers. Thanks for all o the great ideas!

  12. Lia I am over the moon that you are now giving us Silhouette patterns. I can’t thank you enough. Do you think you will ever go back and give us Silhouette patterns for your beautiful flower patterns? If that’s too much work could you let me know how to convert them? I was also wondering what sewing machine you use and is there a special needle when sewing paper? Thank you for being so generous with your talent. Wishing you and our family a blessed and happy Christmas!

    • Thanks MaryEllen, so happy you can use the Silhouette versions. I may add more paper flowers if I have time. We will see. I am working on a book right now and perhaps that will include all the templates in that form. Standard machine, any will work and standard needles. Sewing paper is really easy on your machine.

  13. It is so pretty and easy to do! Perfect bow for gift wrapping :)

  14. Once again, you have given us a wonderful project. Love how the bows look with the garland, excellent.
    Think I’m going to do my version of your garland with the bows. In other words I’m too lazy to sew them so will find different way to put them together or maybe I’ll try sewing them and if that doesn’t work for me I’ll do something else. Love this and the bows will be so handy for other projects, love versatility. Happy weekend

    • You can make garland by hot gluing onto a ribbon or yarn too. Or punch from label paper and stick them together on each side. All easy and fun. :-)

  15. Lia,

    I can’t get the Silhouette pattern to open or download. Is there anyway you can send it to me at: I will gladly pay for it if you wish.

    Thank you,

  16. I always get compliments when I use your pretty bows. In fact, I used and linked to them this week in my no-melt snowman kit post. Gotta print some of those faux bois ones! :)

  17. You are one of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure to learn of! I spent all day today perusing your website and I love what I see. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful and creative ideas to the masses. You are very talented and generous. Keep up the excellent work.

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