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Make a Gorgeous Paper Orchid Plant

DIY Paper Orchid Plant I do love orchids! I almost always have a plant in my home and you may remember my post almost a year ago about how to style a grocery store orchid plant and make it look like it came from a flower shop. You may also remember my paper orchid post where I used a single bloom to top a gift, several for a wrist corsage or many to make a cascading bridal bouquet. Some of you may have seen my orchid decorated paper hat that I made for the Kentucky Derby party. . . I do love orchids. For this tutorial I am mixing my paper orchid template with my live orchid styling and making a full on paper orchid plant. It is just gorgeous and I am thinking that these my be my live orchid replacement. Check out my step-by-step tutorial below and download the printable template to make your own gorgeous orchid plant. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper Orchid Tutorial PaperOrchidButton

  1. Gorgeous~! Will definately make some for Mother’s Day, my mum’s favourite, will fit great for the real orchid plants between blooming their own flowers, no more empty sticks with just leaves on a windowsill. Thank you for the tutorial ^^

  2. Just found your site today..Just love your creative ideas on paper flowers..Can’t wait to try making the orchids. Can have a house full of orchids without breaking the bank…LOL

  3. Thank you so much for this idea! I am just in love with orchids and I wanted to see if there was an alternative to buying real one or fake ones and this is great! Love your other floral ideas as well!

  4. All of your flowers are so beautiful! What gauge wire do you use for this project in particular and your other flowers as well?

    • Thanks Jessica! For most of my projects I like the 18 gage wire as it is the thickest. If I am making a hydrangea with multi wires I might go up to a 20 or 22.

  5. This type of orchid was the flower for my wedding. Thank you for sharing!!

  6. These are beautiful and I can’t wait to do this project. Thank you so much for sharing and making these available for us to do! How kind of you!

  7. Thanks so much for the orchid template.

  8. Okay what am I doing wrong. when I click where it says to download and print all I get is the instructions, – no template for the flowers or leaves. Please help.

    • I am not sure what you are doing wrong, but make sure you are clicking the grey button. A new browser window will open and you can download from there.

  9. Very pretty! I have always liked making paper flowers. Thanks for the template.

  10. This is really amazing, thank you so much for sharing! I was wondering, how thick should the paper you print the templates on be?

  11. I try and download the template n it won’t let me why is this,uggg lol help

    • It seems to work for me. Somehow there is now a PIN button that pops up which I am trying to get rid of. But if you click the other areas of the button it should come up in a new window.

  12. I feel a little stupid… do we attach the big and medium leaves front and back to one another? what is the green sheet for?

    • The green sheet is the leaves back side so you have two sided color. I put the wire between the two leaves to hide it so when you glue them together it is only at the base where the wire is attached. I like to offset the points of the leaves so they are not directly on top of each other and it will show off the two leaves.

  13. I love this flower. So realistic looking. I think I am going to make one for a colleague’s office as she kills real plants. She even has a window.

  14. Merci pour cette idée Géniale !! combien d’orchidées j’ai jetées parce qu’elles ne fleurissaient plus ..promis je les garderais et elles seront éternelles ; j’adore votre blog merci pour tant de générosité..bonne journée Christine

    • Thank you Christine! I love to hear from people from other countries and know I am adding beauty to their lives. Your note made my day. :-)

  15. I love all your paper flowers. I’m going to give it a try and make some. What weight paper do you recommend? Thanks for sharing.

    • Even on this one I recommend the text weight (any text weight) over the card stock as it has a better finish. The only exception to that is the Tiger Lily where I did use a card tock for the simple long petals.

  16. What a gorgeous craft and tutorial! Pinned and making this 😉

  17. These orchids are divine! thanks Lia

  18. Thank you so much! I am loving all your flowers templates and tutorials. You are the best!

  19. How amazing and gifted are you!! I recently discovered your site and I am so thankful for the joy your posts bring!

  20. So beautiful

  21. I have several living orchid plants not currently flowering with decent looking leaves that I just may add some paper flowers to until they again set buds! They aren’t very pretty when not flowering, so I may try to make some of them look more presentable with paper flowers! I won’t tell if you won’t! Thanks for the idea!

  22. LOVE this Lia! Orchids are one of my favorite flowers as well, and this gorgeous plant won’t need any watering :)
    ~ Melissa

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