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Make a Gorgeous Rose Arrangement from Grocery Store Flowers

DIY Rose Floral Arrangement When I owned my flower shop, many years ago, I would find myself cringing when my wholesalers would triple the price of roses for Valentine’s day. Thank you to Whole Foods for not playing this game. They are offering 20 lush free-trade roses for only $20. Wow! I picked out this package of peachy bliss along with a bundle of curly willow yesterday at my local Whole Foods store and wanted to show you a little trick on how to create a gorgeous English garden (with a Valentine’s Day twist) bouquet with these two packages of grocery store finds. In addition to the roses and curly willow I trimmed some branched off of my camellia bush to add as greenery. You can do this, or stop by a flower shop and buy a bundle of salal or other greens. I have shared a simple tutorial on how to make this pretty Downton Abbey inspired bouquet below. I am also sharing this fun infographic from Whole Foods on the meaning of the color of your roses. How fun is that! My bouquet is a combination of sweetness, grace and elegance. Enjoy! ~ Lia

English Garden Rose Bouquet Grocery Store Roses Centerpiece Tutorial English Rose Bouquet Tutorial Flower Color Infographic

  1. Flower arrangements are my favorite and you can not go wrong with roses! Such a pretty color palette you chose! What a fun chart to show the deeper meaning of a rose!

  2. I love this arrangement, please post ALL that you do, it’s such an inspiration.

  3. Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for another terrific tutorial!

  5. P.S.–From now on, you should just start every blog post with, “In my former life, when Martha Stewart wanted to be me…” tee hee hee

  6. Simply gorgeous, Lia! Making a heart out of willow branches?! Well now, aren’t you clever. :)

  7. What a beautiful bouquet and a great idea! I love the willow branches.

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