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Make a Modern Piece of Art with Paper Triangles

DIY triangle wall artIf you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I love to make my own art to decorate my home. One of my favorite pieces is this teal and green modern triangle piece that I made last year. When I decided to infuse my living room with plum this last fall, I knew I wanted to make another similar piece to fill that space. You can see both versions in the photos below. For the plum piece, I decided to go a bit larger. The green canvas is 24 x 30 inches and the plum is 30 x 40. I collected a group of paper from the art store and from my own stash to start the project. I cut 3″ squares, the cut them on a diagonal so to create the triangles that I would mod podge to my canvas. Too fun! For my plum canvas I did cheat a little and cut my triangles on my Silhouette machine. I am sharing that template with you here. I have prepared the tutorial below to give you the confidence to try this project. My daughter actually helped me and we were able to make this piece in just a few hours. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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  1. I forgot to say something….love the tree limb painted white. Gonna do this too.

  2. I love this look too. A few weeks ago I was playing around with cardboard and foam pads. I cut up a bunch of squares in black and white foam. Then cut into triangles. I love the beautiful plum and purple(since that is my favorite color) one. Never thought to just put it on canvas. I guess a am cheap. Cardboard is cheap. All stores throw bunches of boxes out. But….if I plan on keeping it forever,well,canvas is the way to go. By the way…you did a bang up dinomite job!

  3. I love this piece of art! Thank you for sharing it and all of the other wonderful things you share… For the paper on this, is it card stock-like paper or tissue-like paper? I can’t tell. Does the weight of the paper matter at all? Thank in advance!

    • I used different types of paper anything from cardstock to metal paper. I did not use tissue paper, I think that will rip to easily.

  4. it looks great!

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

  5. Love it, so contemporary. Thank you for the instructions.

  6. I just love these. I now know what I am going to do with all the paint chips I have collected in the last 5 years :) Thank you for sharing.

  7. Fantastic! I really really want to do it, but I barely have any wall space left. :)

  8. Beautiful! Ideal project for paper scraps!

  9. I love it, is beautiful, Good idea, Kiss

  10. I have got to make one of these, have to try it. Have some canvases can use. I love the plum one, so rich looking with metallic papers, very arresting looking.
    I love deep rich jewel tones, never been much of a pastel person. Can tell that in how I dress. Love how pastels look on other people or in their homes but just not my cup of tea.
    Have you ever heard of Sandra Evertson? I have a paper projects book done by her called:
    Fanciful paper projects/Making your own posh little follies. The paper she used in her book is very nice heavy glossy paper. I was wondering if you know where I could get that kind of quality papers? She has all pieces/increments needed to make her creations in book but many of them need to be enlarged by 118%. I would love to be able to copy onto good quality paper. Papers would need to be manipulated in different ways to make projects. The book is a few years old, bought it at Michaels.
    I’m going to do a search to see if she’s done any other books. The projects in this book are fun sort of European type ideas. Wish I had a camera so I could send you photos of this book. I thought you might be interested or heard of her since you are a paper artisan yourself. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found you as you understand what it’s like to make beautiful artistic paper creations. Wish I had a lazer printer as I have been led to understand it has capabilities my ink jet will never have.
    If you want to respond to this will you please email me at:
    Thanks Lia Love todays post as I do all others. Can hardly wait to see spring,summer, and fall version.

    • Thanks JaneEllen! I will bet that you can find this glossy paper at Michael’s too. What a cute book. I just ordered it on Amazon to I can check out all her projects. I do love to see what others do.

  11. This plum version is so pretty! Looks perfect in your space. (Although, every time I see that yellow hexagon vase planter, I think it’s a pineapple! Ha.)

    Remember the similar canvas I made for my geometric party at Shop Sweet Lulu? I got all the triangles laid out, left the room for a minute and came back to find James had taken them ALL off and put them on the floor in piles “to help me organize them.”. Gahhh! :)

  12. Love the colors and creativity….as always. We must be on the same wavelength, as I posted DIY art on my blog today as well.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Brett/…there is always grey

  13. Lia both pieces are awesome. Thank you so much for posting the instructions. It is so graphic! I just discovered your blog and am following you – so glad I did!

  14. Lia – These are beautiful. I’ve been thinking about replicating the green one since last year. And now I love the purple one even more. The variety of textures and colors are beautiful. Does the purple one have some metallic papers? ~Sherri

    • Thanks Sherri! Now you know how I did it. Super easy and a lot of fun. Yes, the purple one does have metallic silver and golds. They still show through with the mod podge on top too.

  15. I like green, but looking both pictures, I prefer the other. But it’s a great idea.

  16. Gorgeous! That would make wonderful wrapping paper also. Once again, genius rears her lovely head!

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