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Make a Paper Flower Chandelier

Paper Flower Entry Chandelier Being the paper flower crafter that I am, it is a must that I add some of my DIY paper blooms to my own home decor. . . without over doing it. So when I was looking at how I might create a dynamic entryway (see full entryway tour here), I knew that the light fixture on the high ceiling was going to get a paper flower makeover. To make this chandelier, I did recycle the flowers from the paper garland tutorial I shared this spring. This was not enough to finish the look but it did give me a good head start. I found a vintage wire basket for the frame of my paper chandelier and started stringing and hanging the long strands of blooms. This piece is about 12 inches across and 30 inches tall. I strung 12 blooms 3-4 inches apart on each twine strand and made 36 strands to finish the piece. That is a lot of flowers, but so worth it. The chandelier was hung over the white round light fixture which is now surrounded by the wire frame. The finished piece gives the entryway the drama and mood I was hoping for. See my tutorial below for the steps I took to create this gorgeous piece. I can see something like this used as a hanging centerpiece for a bridal shower or ladies brunch. So many ideas. At the end of the post you can download the template for the flowers. I did add a few leaves at the top, mostly to cover the ends of the string. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper Flower Cascade Paper Flower Light Cover Paper Flower Chandelier Tutorial FlowerGarlandButton

  1. How many flowers/pages do you need to print for one chandelier?

  2. Thanks alot was just thinking of doing one for my dinning room think I will give yours a try.

  3. Thanks!

  4. Lovely work! It’s just so pretty. I would love to do this for my bedroom, can you please tell me the name of the paper? I don’t live in the U.S. so I need to ask for the name in the local stores.

    • Hum. I am not sure what you would ask for. I would just go pick colors you like. For these flowers you could use a card stock or something lighter too. You could even make them from gift wrap paper.

  5. I just finished making your beautiful chandelier! I tweeked it to make my own.

  6. What a great idea. You are so creative and make fantastic art. I love it.

  7. this is beautiful !!!
    I’m going to make me such a bouquet

  8. love this cant wait to make it

  9. I saw this on Kelly’s blog. I just had to come check everything out, especially that chandelier. What a gorgeous home you have, and I LOVE this chandelier. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Love this! So pretty!

  11. Oh, this is stunning! I have a light fixture in my stairway that I would love to replace with this. But I am wondering how you dust it? Any ideas? Thanks!

  12. I love this idea. But where did you get the wire basket? I’m trying to find one but I can’t find it!

  13. Can’t wait to make this! I was checking out paper source, could you tell me the names of the colors you used? Are there 3 colors for the flowers, or does it just look that way due to lighting?

  14. Hi! I love this. could you tell me the name of the colors you used from paper source? Are there 3 colors for the flowers?
    Looking forward to making this!

    • In my original post of the garland I used a frosted (metallic) cream and shimmer gold. When I went back to buy more, they did not have the frosted options. Since them I found a great source at I used the metallic gold & pearl in a text weight. I did use a little bit of pale green at the top.

  15. Oh this is so cute! I just did a similar chandelier over on my site but I love how your tendrils are long and full! Found you through Craftgawker, right by my post and now I’m a follower!

    • It was so fun to see yours too! I had just posted my entryway tour with the chandelier a few days prior when yours popped up on Craftgawker. Creative minds think alike! I love your blog as well. Gorgeous posts!

  16. wooow this is so pretty and lovely, thank you for the sharing of your greate tute and patern;-D

  17. It gives the PERFECT shimmer look of light! What a Beautiful job.

  18. HI Lia,

    I wanted to do something like this with the light in my office but the light is not centered in the room it is off to the side, do you have any tips? Would this still work and look good not centered or is there something else I can do. I live in a rental so I need to find some DIY’s to jazz the place up! Love this by the way!!

    Danielle @ Glitter Bug

    • Oh, I am bummed when the light fixture is in the wrong place. I have two rooms in my house that have the same issue and what I am doing is using some electrical parts and covers to move the fixture to the spot I want. I then use a wire and run it back to the box in the ceiling and then pop a cover over the old spot. It is not perfect but I prefer the light hanging in the right spot. Talk to someone in your home improvement store. They may have a good solution too.

  19. Amazing Lia. All of your projects are so inspiring!

  20. What a beautifully dramatic statement piece!

  21. Love this one also thanks for sharing

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