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Make a Paper Flower Pinata

Flower_Crepe_Paper_Pinata How fun is this over-sized ball of bright blooms! This project is perfect for a summer fiesta, birthday party or even a colorful wedding. I made this bright paper flower pinata for a wedding. . . well, a pretend wedding that is. Today I am meeting with a handful of other Portland wedding vendors and artists where I will be sharing this pinata for a Freida Kahlo themed photo shoot. I am very excited to collaborate with other creatives and what a fun wedding theme idea and will share photos of the gorgeous shoot once they are available.

Of course in making this pinata, I knew I would be sharing the tutorial with you here. My pinata is for show only so I did not fill it with goodies, but that would be easy to do. For this pinata, I used bright orange, plum and red crepes and tissue papers. Of course you can choose a color palette that works great for your event. I made 120 blooms to cover the 15 inch paper lantern so as you might guess, this is a perfect project for a few people to create together. You can download and print the petal pattern at the end of the post, gather your materials and make it a pinata making party. As you can see in the photo the results are just gorgeous and after the shoot I will find the perfect place to display this festive piece in my studio. Cheers! ~ Lia

Crepe_Paper_Pinata CrepePinataTutorial PinataButton

  1. Hi can you make this piñata with a balloon and paper mâché?

  2. This is beautiful!! My daughter was saying she wanted a Pinata for her wedding reception and I was trying to talk her out of it until I saw this!! Perfect colors and all!! Love this blog!!

  3. Beautiful project!! Where did you buy the 15 inch papel lantern? Thanks!!!

  4. beautiful and pretty this flower pinata of yours.
    thank you very m uch for the sharing and your awesome tute.
    well done!!!

  5. Your talent shines. How could you possibly not win? :-)

  6. Lia Griffith strikes again, this is just stunning. I’m thinking on making a few to hang in the corner of my office. Or I might use it as a pendant light shade. Do you think light would shine from it – I’ll be using white crepe and tissue??

  7. Hi! Very beautiful. I would love to make this for my girls’ room. Where do you buy your crepe paper, it looks very bright in color, not like the usual I find around here. Thank you.

  8. Divine…thanks!

  9. Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  10. It’s absolutely beautiful!!! Viva Mexico!! haha you just represented something important for us as Mexicans with the elegance and creativity that describes YOU.

  11. This is so beautiful, Lia! Another gorgeous winner. It’s definitely way too pretty to let party guests whack away at as a traditional filled pinata, though! As you said, .I’m going to want to hang this up just to admire and enjoy!

  12. The paper lantern is a great idea! What a time saver instead of having to paper maché an inside. Also instead of covering the openings this could be a good decorative lamp option!

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