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Make a Paper Tiger Lily

Watercolor Paper Tiger Lily Okay, I will not lie. After “allowing” myself to take a whole three days off from blogging, it is taking more than a cup of coffee for me to hop back into the swing of things and to catch up! My mind is swirling with ideas and projects and here it is past noon and I have yet to post today. Then I remembered an oldie but goodies that I have been saving for fall and today is the perfect day to share. I did make this paper tiger lily for the former blog though for some of you it is new. Here is the story of my original inspiration for this flower: Prior to the tiger lily I had created the pink day lily that you can see in the tutorial. It reminds me of an Easter Lily and I do promise I will post that printable as well. Immediately after posting the pink lily, my oldest sister prompted me to make this deep orange freckled version. I am the fourth of four daughters. My mother and all three sisters have the traditional Irish red hair and freckled complexion, similar to a tiger lily, so I have always associated the tiger lily with the four of them. Needless to say this paper flower was created with love and very dear to my heart. (See the secret message in the scrabble pieces).

Paper Flowers Tiger Lilies Unlike most of my paper flowers I printed this watercolor template onto cards stock. The PDF includes a front with the petal and leaf shapes and a full-bleed back that will give you the two-sided finished look. This printable is best when you use a laser printer and you can find one at many office supply stores where they will print at a reasonable price. You will find the PDF download button at the end of the post. Remember that when it opens in your browser window as a preview it will not show the full print. You will want to download it onto your computer and open it with just a double click to see the full color of this PDF. You will see the tutorial below. This is a fun and easy flower and what a great way to add some fall color to your home or office. These also make a stunning gift topper. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper Tiger Lily DIY Paper Tiger Lily Paper Lily Tutorial TigerLilyButton

  1. Thanks for sharing your talent. A side note, my printer ink ran out. I had some orange paper (wrong shade) and some poster paints. I mixed shaving cream, red, & yellow paints and colored the petals until I achieved an acceptable color. Next, I will stock up on some water colors. :) I am having more fun than I deserve to have.

  2. love your tutorials and this one is just as marvelous as the others. May I suggest a variation of this one? I love stargazer lilies. Any chance of you doing those?

  3. Couldn’t you do on watercolor paper in printer . Then change the color ever so . Like make darker or different shades?Like more pink, red or darker orange.You could use markers to do it too I think.

  4. Hi Lia, Found your site via Pinterest and LOVE IT!!! But……I tried to download the Tiger Lily PDF and a message come up and said the file was damaged. Wasn’t sure if it was on my end or yours. Would really like to have the PDF. Thanks for all your beautiful work and the flower PDFs.

  5. Hi i have been to your site a few times and I love the way you make your flowers. I am just now getting back into learning how to make flowers again. I done it when i was a child but of course gave it up. Your flowers are very lovely and very easy to understand how to make. There are some out there that I can not understand I just have to figure it out myself, but thanks for the lovely flowers you have made , maybe you can give me some points on my blog :)

  6. I love your creations!! It’s looks so real! I’ll try it. So excited!

  7. Wowwwwww! How beautiful project I will try to make them with my students for Their moms. Thank you so much for your generosity.
    Life will give back to you what you give to others.

  8. Lovely *-*

  9. These lillies would be perfect for my class reunion table centerpieces next spring! It there any way to get a bright yellow version of the flower petals? Our colors are green & gold (or yellow! ) & these flowers would fit in perfectly with our theme & venue! Type help would be greatly appreciated!

  10. I dont have a website, but Im just obsessed with pinterest and came across your site. I’m a work at home mom and a big fan of paper flowers. Thanks for bringing these things online. Wonderful job!

    • You are so welcome! Check out all of my paper flowers and my video tutorial for the rose too. All the templates are free because I am here to support the inner crafy girls. :-)

  11. You’re so inspirational! I am obsessed with origami and paper art. Are these tiger Lillie’s the same in the PDF? They look more subtle :)
    Also, how might one contact you for a custom order? Etsy?

  12. Wow Lia, you did it again, LOVE the Lillies they are super stunning. :)

  13. Your lilies are so exquisite. They look so real and beautiful. Hope I can do them justice when I finally print them out. For not am pinning. Very glad to have found your blog, your posts are superior.

  14. Once again I’m amazed how you make a flower seem so easy to make, yet so lovely made out of some form of paper.

    In my state Lilies in the wild are protected, and it’s illegal to harm them in any way. You have captured their beauty so elegantly!

    For some reason when I try to copy and paste the directions, I’m unable to get any thing past number 5. No matter how many times I try. I wonder why or what I’m doing wrong? Do you have any suggestions?

    • Thanks Nancy! That is wonderful that they are protecting the flowers. Are you copying the whole image? If so, it is just a long image and you may have to use two pages and move the second up on the page so you can see the bottom half. Does that make sense?

  15. Aww.. These are so pretty!! I would like to know the printer and the card stock’s brand you use for making these flowers. I may have missed it from your posts.

  16. Oh my goodness, how beautiful! Thanks so much for the great tutorial. I’m going to try this for sure! :)

  17. I love them! And the sweet message to your sisters. I’ll have to make a bouquet for my red heads.

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