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Make a Thankful Tree for Your Celebration Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece For your Thanksgiving centerpiece this year, why not make it an interactive arrangement? That’s right, a Thankful Tree with leaves leaves printed, trimmed and ready for your guests to share their gratitude. Once they have added their sentiment they simply tie their leaf or leaves onto the centerpiece branches. I have made it very easy for you to add this into your holiday plans with a full tutorial below on how to get this look. I have also included a printable leaf pattern with the script starter words, or a blank printable if you would like to leave more room to write and finally a Silhouette template for those who have the machine. All three versions are available in one folder when you click the button at the end of the post. For my centerpiece I used the metallic papers in Gold Leaf, Antique Gold, Bronze, Violette and Ruby. All of these are available at and you can use either text or card stock for this project. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s full table setting and leaf place card I made for my (early since I will be in Amsterdam on the actual day) Thanksgiving dinner. Cheers! ~ Lia

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  1. Lía, desde que te encontré, no dejo de encantarme con tus ideas y tu generosidad para compartirlas, acá en Argentina, lamentablemente no existe el Día de Acción de Gracias, cosa que me parece lamentable, pero yo voy a celebrarlo porque hay tantas cosas por las que dar gracias….! y una de ellas eres tú!

  2. I have tried to download the Thankful Tree leaves but to no avail! I would love to do this for our Thanksgiving Eve service at church. Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Karen! The download is a pop-up with a zip file, maybe you have a pop-up blocker on your computer if not check your download file. I am really happy to hear that you will be using them for your Thanksgiving Eve service, I think they are so sweet and were so popular last year that I will be using them for my own Thanksgiving dinner this year again!

  3. Hi! These are lovely. Could you share what font was used for the “Thankful for” part? Thanks!

  4. Lovable!!!!

    I love your work.

  5. I love this idea. In fact we had a “Food Frenzie” activity at church on Monday Nov. 11th and I had the privilege of decorating one of the tables and I chose a Thankful Tree as the centerpeice. I glued mini pine cones to some of the branches and I cut 2″ circles and glued leaf die cuts made out of cardstock and different tones of foil paper. I set them up on a piece of round wood for people to fill out and hang. It was a hit. I show cased some of your flowers too and of course told them about your awesome blog. I love the simplicty of your tree and the color choice for the leaves. Thanks so much for making this so accessible.

    • You are welcome. I really try my best to make beautiful projects that are both crafty and stylish accessible to everyone, even those who don’t think they are crafty. I would love to see photo of your tree. Share a link or a photo on my Facebook page.

  6. Love, love it!!!! I have 8 grandkids who have a lot to be thankful for! And I do, also.

    • You are so lucky! I am all excited to have grandkids someday since I only had one and she is now 20. I miss having little ones around. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Lia,
    Thanks so much for this Beautiful idea!
    I enjoy all of your post and catch myself getting excited each day when I get a new one!
    Hope you have an awesome trip to Amsterdam!

  8. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving but what a beautiful idea that could be adapted for so many special family occasions where a little reflection would be appropriate.

    I love this idea and am thinking of adapting it for Christmas.

  9. Happy days Thanks for wonderful post, love Thankful tree. Will have to see if I can find some curly willow branches. Will you have company for Thanksgiving?
    Will just be hubs and I but think it’s a good idea to make it anyway, do the leaves. We’re together alot, (24/7) and I’m a person that needs my alone time which I rarely get except being in here for awhile. Wish I could get a holiday job. Went to apply but my hearing loss gets in the way.
    What will you be doing? Hope you have great plans for your holidays. I know you’ll be going traveling for Christmas with your daughter. What an incredible adventure you’ll both remember forever.

    • Yes, make a nice dinner for the two of you, or better yet have him take you out to dinner. :-) I will be having a dinner out with my daughter in Amsterdam that evening. My friend who lives there and my daughter’s boyfriend will be joining us of course, so we will be going around the table and sharing what we are all thankful for.

  10. I love your Thankful Tree. I’ve been meaning to put one together all month. At this point, I might as well wait till next year!

  11. You know what Lia? I am “thankful” for YOU! I can’t tell you enough how happy it makes me when I see your email in my inbox!

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