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Make Some Metallic Paper Ball Ornaments for Your Tree

PineconeBallChristmasOrnaments I love all of the delicate little pieces on my tree. . . the snowflakes, the feathers, the garland. . . but the give another texture and shape, I added these pinecone like paper balls to my paper decorated tree. As one reader pointed out, my paper tree ornaments are perfect for a child (or pet) friendly home. Though I made these balls in shades of metallic gold, silver and whites, they could also look adorable in bright teal, hot pink or traditional reds and greens. As elegant and complicated as they may look, I do promise you that they are very simple to make. Just follow my tutorial below to make these elegant and unbreakable Christmas balls. I will be using these for many years to come. Enjoy! ~ Lia MetallicPaperOrnaments PaperBallChristmasOrnaments DIYChristmasTreeOrnaments MetallicPaperOrnamentTutorial

  1. Super cute – I’m on the hunt for handmade ball ornaments to add to the Smoothfoam Holiday Ball link-up – adding yours, okay? Thanks!

  2. These ornaments are so beautiful! They look expensive but are easy to make! I’ve featured them on my blog as part of a DIY Christmas tree ornament roundup here if you’d like to take a look. Merry Christmas!

  3. I put the loop of twine thru a hole in the first circle. then a tiny straight pin in the knot and a little glue; then pushed the pin into the styrofoam ball. Worked great for hanging on the tree. Thanks for lovely ornament and your blog.

  4. Your metallic ball ornaments are beautiful!! I want to make these too, thanks for the tutorial and I’ve given them a little mention in my paper ornaments post too today – Happy Holidays!

  5. these are beautiful and lovely, thank you for the tute and the sharing, have a merry xmas time’=D

  6. Love this Christmas ornament. Not only is it very elegant, but incredibly simple. A lot of look for so little work. Thanks for sharing it. Been making modern shabby chic ornaments for my tree. These would be a great addition in pale pink s and whites.

  7. it’s woderful
    tout ce que vous faites est magnifique .merci

  8. These are beautiful! Thank you for posting these!!!! I have a question. Have you ever tried making it backwards? Starting at the bottom? It seems like it would be easier, but there’s probably a reason why you start at the top. :)

    • You know, I initially started from the bottom too but my niece who was helping me did it the other direction and I found it was easier to keep the pieces uniform her way. So I say either way works.

  9. Pretty!!!!

    Best wishes to everyone for a magical holiday season!

  10. These are really beautiful and clever. I’m so thrilled I found your blog!

  11. Just knew you’d still have more wonderful decorations for us to make. The balls with one inch circles are so gorgeous and I happen to have some foam balls, not size you used and I also have some gorgeous coppery paper and some kraft paper with gold stars on it. Got the kraft paper at $tree and have 2 rolls of it.
    Done with holiday decorating so now I’m working on gifts. Usually I make paper ornaments but wanted something little different so decided to use paper from a pad to make whatever came into my mind. There are so many wonderful projects out in blog land it gets a bit overwhelming for me to decide. Happy holidays

  12. Lia those metallic balls are just so cute, I am going to try a few with my grandson so we could hang them on my tree. Great idea, Thank you lots.

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