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Make These Cute Monogrammed Zipper Bags!

Oilcloth School Supply Bag One of the things I love about being a blogger is that I have an excuse to sew more often. I love working with my sewing machine. Not only are these little zipper bags adorable, they are fun and easy to make.┬áThis bag is literally 7 seams! I made them today as in inspiration for zipper bags that kids might use to hold their school supplies. The oilcloth is a perfect material for little hands as they are easy to wipe clean. And who doesn’t love to have something monogrammed? I am including a template for the alphabet of the letters I used in the contrasting oilcloth. My daughter is no longer in school, so I am imagining using these bags for either my own art supplies or for little travel bags. Below you can see my step-by-step tutorial for this project. If you have any questions, shoot me a note. You can make your bags any size you like, just use the full width of the zipper including the fabric ends as your starting point. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Monogrammed Zipper Bags Monogrammed Zipper Bag Monogrammed Bag Tutorial MonogramButton

  1. If you’d like to make it for a lunch bag just slip a piece of oilcloth right side out (or thin vinyl) 1″ smaller than your bag (13″ instead of 14″) under the fold before you sew the zipper in. Do this same thing on the second side and you have a nice smooth inside easy to wash. I guess if you could use glue stick first to hold it in place if necessary. This way it’s lined with no extra bulk.

  2. What about using these in lunch bags?? I ended up here, browsing, after seeing your waxed fabric on pinterest.

    • I think a lunch bag would be great, but I am not sure about putting the food directly into this bag. The inside texture might be harder to clean.

  3. Wow these are adorable! Where did buy the cute oilcloth material?

  4. Thanks, Lia! These are amazing. I want to try to make one.
    I need to practice installing zippers. This will be a great little bag for travel to hold make up.

    • I think this is an easy was to put in a zipper. It is more exposed than I would do for a garment, but works here. The larger the bag, the easier. :-)

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