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Make Tissue and Glitter Heart Art

DIY Glittery Heart Art If any of you followed my from my prior blog, you may remember this fun art project. It now lives year-round (not just Valentine’s Day) in my hallway in a collage of my daughter Emily’s art and photos of the two of us. I am sharing it here today for any of you who want to have a great time with decoupage, glitter and hearts! What is not to love. Just follow my tutorial below for the steps of this little piece of art. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Tissue Glitter Heart Art Tissue and Glitter Art Ideas Glitter Heart Wall Art Tutorial

  1. Finally figured out I can access your awesome posts if I wait till after midnight. When I can’t get to them I just wait and go back another night (since I’m a night owl) and go to other posts I couldn’t access other nights. Don’t want to miss one post.
    Love this post, will be fun to make the hearts, think I have red tissue paper. I love to try different kind of projects, I’m pretty digitally challenged but try things I haven’t tried before. You truly inspire me. Happy weekend

  2. me encanta

  3. Me encanta,yo en vez de corazones he hecho siluetas de estrellas de mar caballito de mar caracolas,y en el centro polvo parecido a la arena de la playa.Gracias por tus ideas,me encanta el gusto que tienes.Donde puedo comprar,tus papeles de envolver regalos?

    • Great ideas to use different shapes too. Love it! I am working on getting my gift wrap printed and in the meantime you can use the freebie smaller versions too.

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So pretty!

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