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How to Make Kraft Paper Snack Bags for Your Summer Parties

DIY Potato Chip Bags Another fun tutorial I wanted to share from the Vintage Fourth of July Celebration post is how to make these adorable potato chip bags with kraft paper. There is something that kids love about having their food set up so they can pick it up and hold it  with their little fingers, and it is so adorable. The watermelon on sticks and the caramel corn cones from the Celebration post are other examples of this. This kraft bag could be used for all kinds of snacks, not just chips, but for our party they are holding the classic potato chips. You can find these vintage stickers with the printable party kit, or use any sticker to add a splash of color and to hold the flaps in place. Start with a roll of heavy kraft shipping paper and cut them into 10 inch squares. Then follow my tutorial below for these simple party food bags. Cheers! ~ Lia

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DIY Kraft Potato Chip Bags

Kraft Potato Chip Bags Chip Bag Tutorial

  1. Hi Lia! Love this and everything you do!! Quick question – Would you happen to know what size your classic potato chip labels are?

  2. Hi Lia! I wanted to let you know we absolutely loved your post and featured it on our website! Great Job :)

  3. I agree it looks really sweet :)

  4. Love the idea, I’m going to make them for my first garden party of the season!

  5. Love this idea, however where can I get kraft paper that is safe to use with food? Is the packaging kraft paper that you find at the store safe for this purpose? Thanks~

  6. Thanks for these, am going to try them, and put in my grandchildren a lunch boss.

  7. Such a cute idea!! Would it work to use regular wrapping paper or does it need to be the thicker packaging paper?

  8. Such a cute addition to the celebration table. Adds a special touch! Your instructions are so easy to follow. Thanks for so many great creative ideas. Always look forward to what you have to share.

  9. Quin goig que fan!! fins i tot sembla que les patates han de ser més bones posades dins d’aquestes bosses , realment la presentació és ben important!!.
    Una abraçada.

  10. This is such a cute tutorial , thx for sharing!

  11. These are really cool. You always have such great ideas! Thanks!

  12. These are AMAZING! I love them (and everything else that you make.)

  13. this is fantastic! saving this page for the future. love love love

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