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Monogrammed and Stenciled Kitchen Towels

Monogrammed Kitchen Towels January is going to be my time to style and finish my kitchen with small creative (and low-budget) touches. A simple and fun way to add a little personality is with these stenciled flour sack towels that I found at West Elm. I had found some pretty stencils at Blick made by Just a Trace. She also sells stencils in her Etsy shop though these versions are specifically found at the Blick stores. My kitchen colors and black, white and teal so I immediately grabbed the metallic teal fabric paint. I also am loving plums so the metallic paint with a gold undertone was a fun choice as well. I especially love the plum on the tan towels. The monogram letters were purchased at Michaels and can also be found here on Amazon. So for this project, just follow the steps in the tutorial below. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Stenciled Kitchen Towels Stencil Towel Tutorial

  1. Where did you get you gorgeous stencils?

  2. This post has got me super excited about what I can do with my silhouette! I have a slew of acrylics I haven’t used in a while, fabric medium + mica, so I’m thinking about blending acrylic + fabric medium + mica to make some fabric shimmer paint for towels! Thank you for the inspiration! – Lisa

  3. Oh, these are so pretty, would sure love to have special kitchen towels like this except for my hubs. You make the towels look quite special. Do the West elm towels have better quality than ones I’d buy at Walmart? Really love the tan towels also.
    Hubs not always particular what he uses my towels for. We’ve had few conversations about that over 45 yrs. lol. Sometimes old men are worse than 15 yr. olds. and believe me I’ve had both, he is worse.
    Love those stencils also. I’ll be looking into buying at least one of them.
    Have great weekend.

    • Thanks JaneEllen. I think the Walmart towels are good too. I like 100% cotton. Haha, I understand your towel dilemma. Emily would always wipe her makeup brushes on my bathroom towels and they became permanently stained very quickly.

  4. Another incredible post and project. I wait every day to see what you’ve “got up your sleeve” today.
    Who are those adorable kids in your tree decorating video? They are so adorable. They looked so happy putting decorations on the tree, small children sure make Christmas such fun.
    I’ve learned I have to either get on your posts later (after midnight at least) or early in a.m. Mid afternoon, forget it, can’t get thru. That’s ok I just wait to read/print out 2 or 3 of your posts at a time. Then I’m all pumped up to create, you inspire me so much.
    Hope you’re having a great start to 2014. I’ve been getting all decorations ready to put away except for some of my little fabric and ceramic snowmen. Just not ready to let them go yet. They’re decorating my niche shelves in l/r for now in a long basket with mason jars with little trees and faux snow.
    Our weather man has just said we might have snow tomorrow late and Saturday then again middle of next week. I hope so as most of snow from storm we got 8 1/2 ” is getting scarce. I love the snow and cold temps. How is it where you are?
    Have great weekend Lia. Happy days

    • Thanks! The kids belong to my friend Lisa from I love them dearly so I am their adopted auntie now. I just packed up my decorations and tree this afternoon. Emily was here to help me. I am now ready to style the living room for a new post on decorating with plum. :-) It is pretty warm here. I just took Enzo for a walk without a coat. I do miss the snow sometimes. It rarely snows here in Portland and when it does the city stops. Have a great weekend and stay warm!!

  5. These are pretty doesn’t look hard at all to do,Thank’s,,Cookie

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