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Mother’s Day Tea Tags

Printable-Mothers-Day-Tea-Tags I am back in Portland from my week long trip to San Francisco. Though I was working with Creativebug most of the week and being filmed for my upcoming series on wedding decor, I was able to spend Friday and Saturday enjoying the city, the art and craft stores as well as drinking in the Impressionists exhibit at the Legion of Honor museum. I always feel so inspired creatively when I travel and this trip was no exception!

Last Tuesday I posted my Mother’s Day Brunch for my 12 Months of Martha series. For this setting, I added my own printable touches that included this Mother’s Day tea tag. Today I am not only sharing the printable tag, but wanted to share a great idea on how to create your own pretty tea bags with loose tea and cheese cloth. This brand of tea sells their tea bags in a style very similar to this, and I just adore the homemade touch to this pretty Mother’s Day gift idea. Here are the steps below to make your own tea bags. Every time your mom makes a cup of tea, she will be reminded of your sweet sentiment. The printable is available by clicking the button at the end of this post. I printed onto a card stock, trimmed and folded and used a touch of hot glue to attach them to the end of the strings. Of course if you want to use pre-made tea bags, you could simply glue these sweet tags over the top of the purchased ones. Enjoy! ~ Lia

TeaTagsTutorial TeaTagButton

  1. hi Lia, i found your blog and this post on pinterest and i love the idea and the pictures. That´s why i´ve linked this post in my new mothers day-inspiration post (here is the link: I really hope that´s okay for you, if not – just text me and i will delete it :)

  2. Hello!
    I am a reporter at NBC Owned Television Stations.
    Could I use your photo in our Mother’s Day DIY roundup online?

    Thank you,
    Ilyse Liffreing

  3. Yes please please can we have father’s day labels… And cheekily can we have then in time for uk father’s day which is June 21st?! I’m not sure if they coincide! But rest assured these will get made and loved. I do so love your ideas…I read through them when I get my little girl don’t for a nap…she is beside me now dreaming of wonderful things I am sure!

  4. I love this! About how big did you cut the cheesecloth squares? How much tea per bag?

  5. any type of particular string

  6. We loved this so much, that we featured it on our blog! <3

  7. Perfect for my mom, because she loves tea and most of the diys for mother day are sweets or something like that ♥
    Thank you

  8. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. What type of paper did you use to print the tags? And where did you buy the tea can?

    • The tags are on a white card stock. The can of loose leaf tea is Mariage Freres which I purchased in Paris, but I have seen them at tea shops here in the US.

  9. Wow this is a beautifull Idea! Its a super must try for this upcoming mothers day in Mexico! Hey also I think those are the most beautifull teacups ive ever seen! Where did u get them? Thanks for this great idea!

  10. Love this idea! Where did you get the fabric to hold the loose leaves?

  11. Absolutely Beautiful! :)

  12. très jolie idée, merci

  13. Gorgeous! Any chance you could post a printable label for the can?

  14. What a lovely idea.

    I love to sip a good cup of tea and so does my daughter. This would make a sweet gift for her on Mother’s Day (She’s been a mommy for almost 2 years). I know she would love it.

    Really, those tags could be used for any special day; just change the name of the holiday or occasion. :)

  15. Beautiful!!

  16. I was going to say the same thing as onel. my dad is a huge tea fan!

  17. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! These will be perfect for our Single /Military Moms Brunch at church!!! Bless you!!!

  18. Such a sweet idea, my 11 yr old grandzughter is a tea buff…has her own little tea pot….so you can imagine how she will love these, thank you for sharing x

  19. We are headed to San Francisco! Do you have any recommendations for must see arts and craft stores?

    • Definitely go to Flax. It is quite large and you can spend some time there. The other place I went to was over in Berkley, mostly because they stock the floral crepe paper I use. It is called Castles in the Air and is on 4th Ave with all the other wonderful shops.

  20. You seem to think of everything—lovely teabag idea! Glad you had such a wonderful trip!

  21. Well now, isn’t that just the cutest thing! Should have known you’d take it up a notch and Lia-ify it!! :)

  22. These are beautiful, Lia! I can keep this for Father’s Day (my dad is a huge fan of tea).

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