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Mother’s Day Tea Tags

Printable-Mothers-Day-Tea-Tags I am back in Portland from my week long trip to San Francisco. Though I was working with Creativebug most of the week and being filmed for my upcoming series on wedding decor, I was able to spend Friday and Saturday enjoying the city, the art and craft stores as well as drinking in the Impressionists exhibit at the Legion of Honor museum. I always feel so inspired creatively when I travel and this trip was no exception!

Last Tuesday I posted my Mother’s Day Brunch for my 12 Months of Martha series. For this setting, I added my own printable touches that included this Mother’s Day tea tag. Today I am not only sharing the printable tag, but wanted to share a great idea on how to create your own pretty tea bags with loose tea and cheese cloth. This brand of tea sells their tea bags in a style very similar to this, and I just adore the homemade touch to this pretty Mother’s Day gift idea. Here are the steps below to make your own tea bags. Every time your mom makes a cup of tea, she will be reminded of your sweet sentiment. The printable is available by clicking the button at the end of this post. I printed onto a card stock, trimmed and folded and used a touch of hot glue to attach them to the end of the strings. Of course if you want to use pre-made tea bags, you could simply glue these sweet tags over the top of the purchased ones. Enjoy! ~ Lia

TeaTagsTutorial TeaTagButton

  1. any type of particular string

  2. We loved this so much, that we featured it on our blog! <3

  3. Perfect for my mom, because she loves tea and most of the diys for mother day are sweets or something like that ♥
    Thank you

  4. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. What type of paper did you use to print the tags? And where did you buy the tea can?

    • The tags are on a white card stock. The can of loose leaf tea is Mariage Freres which I purchased in Paris, but I have seen them at tea shops here in the US.

  5. Wow this is a beautifull Idea! Its a super must try for this upcoming mothers day in Mexico! Hey also I think those are the most beautifull teacups ive ever seen! Where did u get them? Thanks for this great idea!

  6. Love this idea! Where did you get the fabric to hold the loose leaves?

  7. Absolutely Beautiful! :)

  8. très jolie idée, merci

  9. Gorgeous! Any chance you could post a printable label for the can?

  10. What a lovely idea.

    I love to sip a good cup of tea and so does my daughter. This would make a sweet gift for her on Mother’s Day (She’s been a mommy for almost 2 years). I know she would love it.

    Really, those tags could be used for any special day; just change the name of the holiday or occasion. :)

  11. Beautiful!!

  12. I was going to say the same thing as onel. my dad is a huge tea fan!

  13. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! These will be perfect for our Single /Military Moms Brunch at church!!! Bless you!!!

  14. Such a sweet idea, my 11 yr old grandzughter is a tea buff…has her own little tea pot….so you can imagine how she will love these, thank you for sharing x

  15. We are headed to San Francisco! Do you have any recommendations for must see arts and craft stores?

    • Definitely go to Flax. It is quite large and you can spend some time there. The other place I went to was over in Berkley, mostly because they stock the floral crepe paper I use. It is called Castles in the Air and is on 4th Ave with all the other wonderful shops.

  16. You seem to think of everything—lovely teabag idea! Glad you had such a wonderful trip!

  17. Well now, isn’t that just the cutest thing! Should have known you’d take it up a notch and Lia-ify it!! :)

  18. These are beautiful, Lia! I can keep this for Father’s Day (my dad is a huge fan of tea).

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