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Mr. & Mrs. Glittering Wedding Banner

Mr. & Mrs. Glitter Banner It was only about a year ago that I reconnected with glitter. I am a simple girl, more practical and less fuss. But when the glitter bug bit it definitely took hold. One of my favorite wedding projects using glitter is this Mr. & Mrs. DIY banner that is oh so easy and fun to make. Not only does this look so adorable on the wedding chairs, it is a great photo prop for the newly wed couple as well. I have the LOVE version of this project still on my hallway wall and will be sharing that tutorial with you as well. For this project I have preparted the template for the letters below. Just click and download. This prints onto an 11×17 paper but you can make it as small or large as you like. Go get that glitter and glue and let’s get a little glam. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Wedding Chair Decor Tutorial MrMrsButton

  1. Thank you for the Mr & Mrs, I am planning our 25th Wedding Anniversary and this will be perfect at our table.

  2. yay! so nice! i wanna try this project for my wedding, thank you!

  3. Hey Lia,

    I’m having trouble with the print out. I only have an 8×11 letter page printer. How can I print the PDF so the Mr & Mrs in way where I can print them out as individual pieces? Thanks!

  4. I need to make this. I want to add the last name and put it at the wedding table, what font and size did you use?

  5. Where do you find thin foam core? How thick/thin is it?
    Love your blog and all the great tutorials you share!

    • I just buy it by the sheet at my art supply or craft supply store. I am guessing it is about 1/4 inch thick. I am writing from my hotel room so I can’t go measure. :-)

  6. I remember it was about a year ago at this time that I first emailed you about creating the “you” template to go with your “love” banner for my sister’s “Love You, Baby” baby shower. I was in shock that you, a famous blogger, would be so generous to create that template for me! Who would have thought that reaching out like that would lead to friendship, mentorship and becoming party buddies. :) Hey, you should put your “you” template up in a post for an “I love you” or “Love You More” banner!

    P.S.–Is this a free font? Love it, especially the ampersand.

    Lisa :)

    • Haha. A famous blogger. That is funny. :-) I am thinking to repost the LOVE so the added words would be a good option too. Thanks. The font is Thirsty Rough, not free though.

  7. So pretty! I’ve made a few ribbon-hung garlands and wreaths, and we have some glittered foam letters in our home, but all together it’s even prettier here :)

    I’d like to know what technique you find easiest when using the template to cut foam. I’ve done free-hand, some scotch tape to hold it in place, and even temporary light spray adhesives…what do you like best to keep it from moving around when cutting?
    I’d also love to see the back of your ribbon in the word spacings…do you just tie tiny knots, since we don’t see any extra ‘tail’ peeking up from behind?
    Sorry I have lots of questions- the curse of a super-inquisitive, detail-oriented person!

    Thanks for the lovely inspiration, and Happy New Year!

    • Haha. Love all the questions. I cut mine by just taping the template on the corners and using a craft knife, but using spray glue is a brilliant idea. You can just add the glitter over the top. Since the ribbon is so wide, I just trimmed the ends on the back short and hot glued them into place. I was thinking that if this were used on the back of a chair where you could see both sides of the cutout, you could even glitter the backside after attaching the ribbon.

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