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Printable Farmhouse Pantry Labels in Two Styles

World_Label_Farmhouse_Pantry_Labels The truth is, I am craving the thought of living in a vintage 1920’s farmhouse and for the last few months just can’t get it out of my head. As a lifelong city girl, I jokingly call myself the accidental farm girl, meaning, I would have never guessed my interest heading back the direction of my childhood. When I live in that farmhouse, this is what I would want my pantry to look like. . . labels with rustic type, tiny details of hand drawn flowers. . . and of course everything labeled and organized, right? To give you a little variety, I designed these in both the ever-so-popular chalkboard style as well as the vintage kraft paper style. I am thinking to use a mixture of both, maybe the craft for the baking and chalkboard for the everyday items. To make it even easier, these labels are completely editable. You will first want to download the free farmhouse style fonts I have provided. Once installed, just open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat where you can select the text and add in your own. There are three options (pages) per design; script/rustic, rustic/script and rustic. This way you should be able to add any combination of text. Once done you can print onto full sheet labels and hand cut the designs. Since these are a bit rustic, you need not fuss about perfect cutting since it will look nicely authentic if less than precise. Give a special thanks to for hosting this printable! When you click the download button below, you will find both versions right there on their blog. Look for the matching herb and spice labels coming up next week too.  Cheers! ~ Lia

Chalkboard_Farmhouse_Pantry_Labels Kraft_Farmhouse_Pantry_Labels Printable_Farmhouse_Pantry_Labels Kraft_Printable_Pantry_Labels Chalkboard_Printable_Pantry_Labels PantryLabelButton

  1. Redoing my pantry with these labels as well as the spice labels, love them!
    I’m in need of the pantry labels but with more editing space to write a recipe. Any way to accommodate this?

  2. Thank you for the pantry label download! They are absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to organize my pantry with them!

  3. Thank-you Lisa! These are so beautiful. I’m in the process of re-organising kitchen supplies in my real-life farmhouse!

  4. This morning I went in search of labels for my new pantry jars when I came upon your blog. Thank you SO VERY much for your amazingly wonderful designs and for sharing them. I am busy cutting out labels as we speak. I was so excited I put them on Instagram and tagged you, hope that’s ok.

    • That is fabolous and yes please tag me on Instagram. I LOVE to see what my readers create. My company motto is to inspire, teach and reignite creativity.

  5. Let me fix that question! Ha! Where did you get that adorable green cookie jar?


  7. I would like to make my own labels using this design for other items that I use that aren’t listed. I would like to know what size label did you use to make the labels. I love the ideas.

  8. Yes I have tried everything :( I’m usely good with figuring things out like this but I can’t get it to work! Thank you very much for replying to my comment! I love love love your page!

  9. i am still getting “Data typed into this form will not be saved. Adobe Reader can only save a blank copy of this forrm”

    • Hi Rachel, Have you tried saving the pdf on your desktop, close your Internet browser and then open it up through Adobe Reader to edit it? That should work.

  10. when i open the file it says I can NOT save the new text i entered. I wanted to save it and take it to a print shop to print since i only have a small printer. Is there a way that i can save my edits?

    • Hi Rachel, you should be able to save your edited file if you work with it in Adobe not through your internet browser. I get this question a lot:) Save the file from my site as a pdf. Then open it from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and edit it through there. Enjoy!

  11. You are cruel. I can’t decide between the kraft and the chalkboard……….. 😉

  12. Love love love these!!! Thank you! This is inspiration to finish redoing my pantry!

  13. For some reason when I try to go to the link for the fonts it just takes me to a blank page…am I doing something wrong?

  14. Just found your site – Will be moving into my new home in a week and need these labels for my pantry jars. How can I purchase them?

    • These are free printables. Just follow the link button at the end of the page to blog where you can download them. 😉

  15. Thank you for ALL your neat creations Lisa!
    You got a fan in Germany!

  16. I printed these out and my pantry has never looked so beautiful and organized. I love all of your labels, you are so talented and I love your blog!

    I would love smaller labels for some of my little canning jars (not herb jars). I put all of my pantry items in various size canning jars and these labels don’t fit my small ones.

    Thanks again!

    • Hum. Did you see if the herb and spice labels are too small. One idea is to print them larger. I am guessing we will be doing a matching set of canning labels too that will fit the middle size. Stay tuned.

      • That’s a great idea, thank you! I’ll try to enlarge the herb and spice labels.
        I just printed that new set out and plan to redo my spice cabinet now that my pantry is so beautiful.

  17. Love the labels! Please post a smaller version for spices??

  18. Lia thank you again for these wonderful labels that will end up in my kitchen !

  19. Thanks for this! For the chalkboard labels, do I need dark paper to print these out, or does it use ink? I have an inkjet printer.

    • No, the chalkboard is in the design. You only need white labels. You can use your inkjet or go to an office supply store to have them printed on a laser. I have done both. :-)

  20. These are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.

  21. So cute!!

  22. Thanks so much, love your labels!!!!

  23. How did you know I just stumbled into the Container Store and bought a bunch of Fido jars?!?

    😉 Thank you…absolutely love these.

  24. I just finished decorating my kitchen but I think I may have to add these cute labels! They’re adorable!

    Coordinately Yours,


  25. These labels are perfect! And so is that cookie jar – where is from?

  26. thanks for the freebie! I love saving empty jars and upcycling them for crafts or storage. these labels are perfect for me!

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