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Paper Bows to Top Your Christmas Packages & Hostess Gifts

Paper Bows Christmas Printable Today I am sharing one of my favorite quick and easy gift wrap printables. I designed this template a few years ago and have loved adding the fun mini paper sculpture to packages year round. These paper bows are something you can have printed and trimmed, ready to pop onto a bottle of wine or champagne, to dress up a simple gift or to add on top of a wrapped package. I am posting the downloads in two parts, one red and the other green. All eight of the printables are in those files. You can print these onto white paper of any weight. I have also included a blank template for those who have a cutting machine or want to use this pattern on other papers like two-sided scrapbook paper, sheet music scraps of gift wrap. This is a great quick-and-easy gift wrapping tool to have and I bet you will be getting comments of your creative flair. Cheers! ~ Lia

Printable Christmas Paper Bows Christmas Paper Bows RedButtonGreenButtonBowTemplateButton

  1. The paper bows are absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity in sharing these with us.

  2. Stumbled across your bows on craftgawker and just had to comment and say these are so incredibly cute! Love the printable!

  3. These are wonderful. I can’t wait to make some for presents.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you very much , you are inspiring me ,off to create:)

  5. awesome! Thanks for the templates :)

  6. It doesn’t seem this posted. Do you explain how to make them after the printing? THANKS!

  7. Gosh, these are cute. But how to put them together? I plead ignorance! Please help! :)

  8. Thank you very much, lovely files and with the new version of adobe acrobat ,you can copy to clipboard and paste right into the Sillouette software ! super duper! THANK YOU

  9. Thank you so much for sharing these adorable bows!

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Thank you so much for the great idea. Thank you for your generosity.

  11. Lia,

    Loved your gift wrapping class this week at West Elm in Portland. Thank you for hosting and sharing your creative designs, including these easy and cute paper bows. I plan to make some for my holiday gifts this year. Your designs are wonderful fun!


  12. Thank you so much for sharing. I love these.

  13. You just keep making me feel so humble with your generosity, it’s more than anybody could imagine. I want you to know how much I appreciate all the wonderful images you give us. Hope you know my appreciation is quite genuine. I am in awe of what you do. Happy everything.

  14. Thank you for sharing!

  15. You are so considerate to think of how others might want to use this template on their own paper! Your ideas are always mind-blowing. ~M.

  16. I LOVE these!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, as usual. I assume with all the cutting you do, that you own a Silhouette or something similar. I just want you to know that I would TOTALLY buy the svg files of your stuff if they were for sale here or on the silhouette site. I’m always converting the PDFs to Jpeg in Photoshop, and THEN tracing the jpeg in Sihouette Studio, which takes forever. But it’s so nice when you’re cutting these out in bulk.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Jenn! I just got a Silhoutte and am wondering why it took me so long. I am going to be offering more SVGs in the future for sure.

      • After your sudden posting of silhouette stuff, I had to rush back to this comment to see if that was b/c of me or not! Looks like it was a coincidence, but I am still THRILLED that you’ve discovered it- it’s SO much easier to cut out intricate things- AND that you’re going to be posting SVG files!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! And have fun!! :)

  17. Oh my these are beautiful Lia! I will definitely be using some of these bows on my holiday food gifts. Thank you so much for sharing!
    – Melissa

  18. These look great! Thanks so much!

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