Ranunculus Wrist CorsagePaper Rose CorsagePoppy BoutonniereAnemone BoutonniereA few weeks ago a reader asked me for some ideas on how to make her paper wedding flowers into corsages and boutonnières. This tutorial was on my list so I pushed it up to the front and here you have it. These wearable paper flowers are not only great for the crafty wedding, but make a perfect Mother’s Day corsage that she can treasure for a long time. I can see them as great prom flowers as well!

In the tutorial below I am showing two ideas for each a corsage and boutonnière. For the corsages the first is a traditional version and with wrist corsages trending right now, the second is an idea of how to make them as well. The boutonnières are much simpler and could be used as a small corsage. The last boutonnière uses floral magnets, which you could easily substitute for two heavy duty magnets you can find at a craft or office store. Enjoy! ~ LiaPaper Corsage and Boutonniere