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Paper Garland for Holiday Decor

DIY Tree Garland Hello everyone! I am back from the Netherlands, (see photos of my trip on the blog Facebook page) inspired and ready to continue on our handcrafted holiday theme. I have so many ideas popping that I wish I had time to do several a day. Sigh. Still just a tad still in jet lag, today I am going to do a simple post on my favorite paper garland technique. This is something that you can do year round for any party or holiday and it is also a garland I like to use when I decorate my tree. I used three different sizes of circle punches and a variety of metallic paper from silver, to gold, to antique gold. My palette for this year’s decor is silver and gold, but you can use any colors that compliment your holiday look. I also printed a vintage sheet music pattern of both sides of some white paper to add a little interest to the solid metallic strands. See the tutorial below on how I easily assemble the garland. One tip I suggest is that when you are ready to put all of your decorations away, make sure to wrap your garland around a piece of cardboard. It is easy to tangle and hard to untangle. If you have not seen my newest video featuring this garland, check it out in this post. Cheers! ~ Lia Garland DIY Holiday Garland Paper Garland Tutorial

  1. I tried these recently for a birthday party, I love the way they look. Mine got all jumbled up after sewing them. Did you do anything to keeping them untangled from sewing to decorating? Thanks for any advice/tips. Beautiful site.

    • Yes, this is a problem. One trick is to have a piece of cardboard and wrap as you go. It will take more time, but you will not have to untangle after.

  2. Hi lia, what are the sizes of the paper punches that you used. Thanks. Beginning crafter :)

  3. Where did you buy the ‘circle cutters’? (Can you tell how good of a crafter I am? Don’t even know the right words!!) I am looking for a tool to cut circles and I love the one you have.

  4. What type of sewing machine do you use and do you need a special needle? Will you consider going back and giving us patterns for the Silhoutte on the flowers ? Thanks for all your help.

    • I have a few machines and they all work great for sewing paper. I just use a standard needle for these too. Easy as can be. I may add Silhouette templates for the flowers. We will see what time allows.

  5. Welcome back! You were missed, friend. :)

  6. Welcome back!! I just saw your pictures, everything is beautiful.
    I can’t believe the people riding bikes in a rainy and cold day (was it cold?). I am so spoiled that I don’t even go out in my car if it’s raining haha.
    About the garland, I am going to make one with a bunch of felt circles that I already cut a few years ago, I was going to make flowers but your garland seems easier and fun. I guess my husband is going to thank you because there will be a circle garland and not a flower garland on our tree haha 😉
    Thank for the idea, a paper garland will be great for birthday parties!

    • Yes, it was cold and rainy and yes the were on bikes. Often with no hats and gloves. It got me thinking that one would get conditioned to not feeling the cold so much if that is the lifestyle. Felt is a great idea for the garland. Just make sure you store it like I suggested since tangling it not an option. :-)

  7. Hi Lia,

    Welcome back. Trust you had a rockin good time on your trip. Wasn’t Amsterdam an interesting city? Did you bring back any great ideas to share with your devotees?

    Regards, Zoe

    • I loved that city. I so want a Dutch style bike now. Portland claims to be a bike city but nothing like Amsterdam. Also, I want to redecorate my whole house in black and white. Saw it everywhere. haha

  8. Welcome back my friend !!!

  9. What a great simple idea that looks so elegant!!
    I will be making several!

  10. Love your paper garland, seen a few of similar idea this season, they’re quite versatile for any holiday or season. Great post for this season, depending on paper used. I was lucky to get some gorgeous special paper at Michaels a couple months ago on sale. This was $1.99 a sheet paper for 50% off. Didn’t know at time what I’d need or use it for but figured it would come in handy, so glad I got a few sheets anyway.
    Well it’s 8 degrees out here where we live and 12 degrees in Grand Junction. We have about 8″ at least of snow from last night, early this a.m. I’m loving it, love cold weather, wearing coats, scarves, etc. Really glad I still have my sorrel boots from MT.
    How was your trip to Amsterdam? Hope we’ll get to see some photos soon. You might be too busy right now to post them. Happy days

    • Yes, I did not invent this idea. haha. I have used this garland all year round and especially like it hanging from ceiling to floor in multi strands. Great backdrop. It is freeeezing her in Portland too but not quite that cold. I posted photos on the Facebook page. Do you have an account so you can look at them there? Here is the link:

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