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Paper Peonies to Remember Summer

Paper Peony Gift Topper Happy Monday! We are going to start this week of upcoming fall and Halloween goodies with an homage to summer! My all time favorite late summer flower is the peony. They are unpredictable in shape with many varieties, yet are always elegant. Last week I was making peonies from crepe paper for my upcoming book. I have yet to do crepe paper flowers here on the blog but instead work with printer paper. Maybe because it is unexpected material and has an artistic sculptural look when finished.To me these paper flowers are a little piece of art. They take a bit of work to design and planning and that is part of my fun. To make your paper peony, I have also prepared a tutorial for you below. The peony is fairly simple. My tips would be to use text weight or printer paper and to curl the petal tips multiple times in many directions. With these two things, your version is sure to look wonderful. When I make flowers that are fully printed with the watercolor texture like this one, I do prefer to print on a laser printer rather than an inkjet as it makes the paper very wet with this much ink. You can get a laser print at your local office supply or print shop for around $2 for the two pages of petals, plus the full bleed print of water color on the back of each. We will miss you Miss Summer. . . but will see you again soon. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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  1. good morning
    the flowers are beautiful but that does not seem to understand what type of paper used ( paper roses wedding bouquet ) , is so dense , shiny , where the buy ?
    Gabriella Liscio
    P.S. sorry for my bad English

    • For both the Peonies and the roses wedding bouquet I printed a watercolor wash on regular printer paper. Most often I use text weight paper, cardstock is too think to curl.

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Lia- Your paper flowers are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent & creations!

  4. How is it double-sided-coloured?

  5. You are such a lovely person to share all your hard work to people you don’t even know. Thank you. I have had a great time making your flowers.

    • Thank you Alice! I am here to share creativity and to inspire. 😉 It brings me a lot of joy. I love to hear about your flowers.

  6. it is a marvelous idea

  7. These are ‘Show Stoppers’. Thank you so

  8. Hi Lia,

    I adore peonies and your paper version looks so real and beautiful! My wedding is in April and a peony bouquet and favor topper for each guest are going to cost so much! I was wondering if you could provide a white peony template on etsy that I could purchase? I plan on making my own bouquet and top each wedding favor with a white paper peony!

  9. Thank you so much!! They are absolutely gorgeous.

  10. thank you for sharing, they look lovely.

  11. Wow! They look fab!

  12. Gorgeous! Thanks for such a clear and clever tutorial!

  13. Peonies are my favorite! These are stunning, Lia…just like all your others. You truly are the paper flower queen. :)

  14. Lovely. And did you know, in the language of flowers, peony’s represent prosperity? (Also, in Japan, masculinity? :) Hope you enjoy both today!

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