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Paper Pine Cones for Woodland Decor

Woodland_Paper_Pine_Cone_Decor This last Christmas when I made my holiday tree decorated in all paper ornaments, I made some orbs that were covered in little paper circles. I kept seeing them as a very round paper pine cone and thought how cute it would be to make some in more of the cone shape. Pine cones are great decor items for Christmas for sure and they are also very woodsy for a Summer of Fall woodland theme. I made these gold metallic paper cones for my woodland table top theme mixing them with my West Elm silver fox and pretty recycled glass vases filled with pine branches, wild flowers and china berry branches. To make these cones, I started with round 4 inch foam balls, the Martha Stewart Crafts 1 inch circle punch, Gold Leaf metallic paper from and my hot glue gun. For my table scape I added the pine branches to the top of each cone that can be removed later. This project is so easy and fun it could be a kid’s craft as well. I will definitely be using these for my woodland theme and for this upcoming Christmas. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper_Pine_Cone_DIY DIY_Metallic_Pinecones Woodland_Metallic_Paper_Pine_Cones MetallicPaperPineConeTutorial   12MonthsofMarthaButton190

  1. I love these! I’ve made Christmas trees using foam cones and felt, but never thought of making pine cones. This is definitely on my project list! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. What?? Wait, roll styro balls into cone shapes?? That’s a fresh idea right there! Thank you and Mark Montano “sent” me!

  3. These are so beautiful!

  4. love these!

  5. Or I wonder if you could spray paint it with metallic paint or dip the whole thing in mod-podge or something. Alright seriously I’ll shut up now. :)

  6. Ok, I’m so sorry for leaving THREE comments- please don’t bother responding to all of them! But I started thinking that these could also be cool using metal of some sort. Like the really thin crafting tin that you could cut? Or even foil or something? Or… washers? Pennies might be difficult, but…. I don’t know, you’ve just got my creative juices flowing. :)

  7. P to da S. Your ombre paper trees make me wonder if that would look cool with these pinecones. Or maybe a two-toned one by alternating a couple shades of brown. Oh the possibilities!

  8. YIPPEEE!!! I remember seeing those- well, a version of those- on your Christmas tree and I’m so psyched to know the method! It’s so simple, yet it looks so complicated and intricate. My friends will never know! Bwahahaha! [That was my evil crafting laugh].

  9. And you’ve given me a reason to buy a circle punch! Thanks for the tutorial :-).

  10. I love this, Lia! How did you roll the ball into an egg shape? Will sanding work?

    • I just rolled it on the table adding a little pressure. You can also buy egg shaped paper mache bases and use those. I liked reshaping the round balls though. :-)

  11. Absolutely LOVE this! Where did you find your silver fox?

  12. These are lovely and look great at Christmas . I make mine from vintage music paper and maps .I do buy polystyrene egg shapes as my base

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