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Christmas Decorating with a Paper Poinsettia

DIY Paper Poinsettia For the next couple of days we are going to fast forward to Christmas. Made in Paper magazine has published their second issue and this one is all about a crafted Christmas. This magazine is jam packed with wonderful inspiration and crafty projects and I feel quite honored that I was not only invited to interview about my love for paper, but also shared a tutorial on how to make this paper poinsettia. The magazine is published in UK, so it may not be available in print everywhere, but you can get it in the iTunes store for your iPad. Just look for it in the special issues of Mollie Makes. Today, I am going to share the paper poinsettia tutorial that is in the magazine and most importantly the template for the flower. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Made In Paper Magazine How to Make Paper Poinsettias Red Paper Poinsettia Paper Poinsettia Tutorial PoinsettiaButton


  2. Wow thank you these are fab.

  3. Thanks Lia,
    Molt i molt maca aquesta flor !!

  4. Lia, these are gorgeous! In some of the photos, you’d be hard-pressed to tell that they aren’t real. I can see so many beautiful uses for these…nestled into a Christmas tree, as a gift topper, grouped on a wreath, or tied onto a garland, even set in a moss-filled urn.

    I love the gold version and I’d love to try some kind of watercolor version in ivory with pinky-red accents, since those poinsettias are my favorite during the Christmas season. :)

    I can’t wait to see what other goodies the next few days have in store!


    • Thanks Lisa! I will have to do more post with them in the next few months for sure. I love the watercolor idea!

      I am not ready for Christmas posts yet, but only have a few for the Made in Paper magazine. . . to share the templates. :-)

  5. gorgeous!

  6. These are lovely!

  7. What kind of paper did you use? Thank you for sharing.

    • You can use any kind but for these I used an art paper that I picked up in large single sheets from Blick. They store them in large flat drawers in the back of the store.

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