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Plum & Gold Gift Wrap for Your New Year’s Gifts

Purple Gold Gift Wrap Okay, I have a little problem. . . I LOVE gift wrap, gift wrapping and all that goes with it. I almost love wrapping a gift as much as I like getting gifts. Okay, maybe not. I designed this set a while back but since it did not go with the whole chalkboard theme, decided to save it for my New Year’s posts. Yes, you guessed, my upcoming printables for New Year’s Eve will circle around plums and purples. I have a way of pre-sensing upcoming trends, and this next year is going to be filled with these royal colors. I was so pleased to see that the 2014 Pantone color of the year is Radiant Orchid, especially since I took the giant leap and decorated my living room in these colors a few months ago (post on this soon). So if you have gifts for friends, loved ones and coworkers still to give, this wrap is just perfect. Just download the PDF using the button below and print onto 11×17 (or smaller) paper. My preference is a laser printer on a common printer paper that you can find at any FedEx Office or office supply store. More coming! ~ Lia

Purple Glamour Gift Wrap Plum Star Gift Wrap Plum Gift Wrap Plum Chevron Gift Wrap Deco Gift Wrap PlumGoldGiftWrapButton

  1. Thank you for these great printables! Too fun to have someone ripe & tear!

  2. Im from Russia (Kaliningrad) and Im reading your blog with big-big-great-great-MEGA pleasure! Thanks))

  3. Absolutely love your designs. Thanks for sharing your creations!

  4. Finally was able to access your wonderful gift wrap. My pc is being ornery or our satellite how we get our internet, Hughes net. We don’t have lots of choices where we live, out in country, so we have to put up with problems receiving. That or it’s me with my digitally challenged self.
    Thank you so much Lia for all you share with us, I can only imagine everybody appreciate your talent and generosity as much as I do, or they’d better. Happy New year

  5. More gorgeous paper! You are a genius!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Thank you for all of the fabulous free printables ~ especially love your bows!

    Happy New Year!

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