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Pretty Peonies Made from Cupcake Wrappers

DIY Cupcake Wrapper Paper PeoniesWhen I received my 12 Months of Martha box just a few days ago, I was blown away by all of the gorgeous spring party items. I am loving the pinks, blushes and corals right now and the goodies in this box all centered around this palette. These Vintage Girl cupcake wrappers with their scalloped edge became my center of attention and I knew I wanted to make a pretty spring bouquet to put on my desk. I have seen carnation looking blooms made from cupcake wrappers, but for these very special wraps I was seeing peonies! So I started with a peony-like ball center and made both blooms and buds. The look is so sweet and fresh and I am excited to share the tutorial of how to make these paper peonies with you. The materials list and the step-by-step instructions are below.

Make sure to come back Saturday morning as I am doing a giveaway for a Spring in Bloom party in a box. This box is full of gorgeous Martha Stewart Crafts party items as well as three paper punches. I think you are going to love it! ~ Lia

Make Peonies From Cupcake WrapsDIY Paper PeoniesCupcake Wrap Paper Peonies with DIY Tutorial Cupcake Peonies Tutorial12MonthsofMarthaButton200

  1. Hi! These peonies are amazing!

  2. Ok thank you Lia. I did find some there. They are on there way. I cant wait to start making beautiful flowers and friuts and veggies. You have inspired me. So people go on your blog and sell their creations, is that right or is it a different blog? I would be interested to know the address. Thank you again.

    • Hi Mary, so glad to hear that you have some supplies on the way! Happy Crafting! I am not sure I understand your question about selling the creations on my site. My motto is to inspire, teach and reignite creativity. I offer my patterns for free on my blog for my readers. Like most designers all of my patterns are copy written for personal use only and therefore the projects cannot be sold for profit.

  3. How do you get the 12 months of Martha gift box? I am disabled and can not get to the store all the time so if I can get it mailed to me that would be great. I am so excited to make these beautiful items that you have put before us. Everyone just loves them. Thank you for all your talents.

  4. My Mum loves peonies and we do have a plant but it usually only has one or two blooms which of course are never picked – think I’ll make her some of these instead! Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Thank you Kia. I live in Missouri. However if I get to Portland I will look you up for a class. So for now I will have to use you blog and YouTube features. Can’t wait to go get the materials to get started.

  6. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw these. They are beautiful. Then I went to your website and WOW the things I saw there. You are amazing! I want to learn it all. They all look so real. thank for so many beautiful things. Please let me know when you offer classes or freebies. Thank you again.

    • That warms my heart! Thank you!! I offer freebies all the time and sometimes I teach classes locally in Portland but you can find many videos on my blog or YouTube channel. Enjoy!

  7. Your flowers are just lovely and your tutorials easy to follow. I too have made flowers from Martha’s cupcake lines, but I use them for origami flowers. I am busy folding flowers every day. I think I will try your method for a bouquet. Thanks so much!!

  8. Me encantan! Muy dulces y elegantes. Un diez!

  9. This is amazing! Very colorful and vibrant for my spring tea party!
    Thank you Michelle!

  10. I LOVE these cupcake wrapper flowers. But the instructions are not showing up?? Would love to try these.

  11. How pretty! I have pale pink paper roses in the vase on my breakfast room table now, but I will replace them with these for a bright spot of color! I love to use paper flowers in lieu of bow on packages, too, so these will become part of my “stash”. Thank you!

  12. You have such a wonderful blog full of great and beautiful ideas. After trying a few of your flowers I was inspired by a pot of forced daffodils I saw in a store and gave it a try making paper daffodisl I was pleasntly suprised with how they turned out. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and designs, you are inspiring!

  13. I made Coral Peonies for my cousins wedding, they were t as pretty as yours but I was pleased and so was she ! Thanks Lia!!

  14. Hola Lia,
    Ben original i amb un resultat increïblement preciós!, ,moltes gràcies pel pas a pas.
    Una abraçada.

  15. Just beautiful! I plan to try my hand at these for Mother’s day!

  16. These are gorgeous Lia!! I have always wanted to try making these, great tutorial :)

    xo, Tanya

  17. Nice idea, will definitely try these !

  18. Simply love your projects! I hope to win the giveaway so I can try to do this amazing paper peonias! 😀

  19. Hi Lia,
    This is coming all the way from India. I landed on your blog through the paper rose tutorial; which I think is, honestly- out of this world! Thank you for being generous and sharing your creativity with easy to follow instructions and the most breathtaking of pictures. Btw, these peonies are gorgeous!

    • Thanks Seena! I hope to visit India someday and love to hear from you here. :-) So happy you loved the rose and are enjoying the others too. Hugs to you. :-)

  20. Beautiful ! and lifelike..

  21. About how many peonies can you make with one package?

  22. I love this! I made these for my mom in law for her dinner party. She adored them!

  23. Awesome flowers! Thanks for the tutorial. I will be making these later tonight. I have just the baking cups to use! I bought them especially for making flowers. I think I have made just about all of the flowers you have presented. Your tutorials are very easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your talent!

    • That is so great to hear Sondra! Share photos! Thanks for the feedback that they are easy to follow too. I do my best to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

  24. Just lovely, beautiful presentation. I want to rush out and make then to cheer us up after this difficult weather. hurry up spring!
    Thank you.

  25. I love these, as I love all things paper. However, my paper LOVE makes me a paper HOARDER and I am reluctant to throw away anything but the tiniest scraps. I would appreciate seeing your workroom and how you store all your papers…I’m ever hopeful that I’ll get organized someday. :)

    • Haha! Good for you! I do have a post where I show my studio. Just look under the header DECOR at the top of the page. In the drop down at the end is MY HOME TOUR. Click that and in there you will find my studio. I store paper in the thin white Ikea drawers. Larger paper like gift wrap I have in a large basket.

  26. Those are just gorgeous! Thank you. :)

  27. I’ve seen cupcake flowers before, but those scalloped edges knock it to a whole new level, Lia. These are stunning!! (as usual)

    • Don’t they?! I guess you could trim the scallop with the straight cupcake wraps too. The white details on the edge are really pretty too.

  28. wooow these are beautiful. gorgious and pretty.
    thank you for the great tute and the sharing;-D

    • You are welcome! At my mom’s memorial I challenged everyone to come up and find them in the huge bouquet. They mixed in so well with the real flowers.

  29. Beautiful, Lia (as always)! I have always loved these cupcake wrappers by Martha, but have been hoarding them! I guess it is time to use them! LOL!

  30. Очень милые и красивые цветы у Вас получились. Заглядение. Как настоящие.

  31. These are beautiful Lia! Your presentation is always first class. I love reading your blog!

  32. Oh Gosh – these are just adorable! Can’t wait to try and create a bunch. Thanks so much for sharing.

  33. I am constantly amazed at the projects you come up with using paper. Your flowers are gorgeous. I have some lovely cupcake wrappers and I’m going to try this. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  34. Wow that looks like a lot of work but they are so pretty!!! I say this all the time, but you are seriously so talented!!! Are the ’12 months of Martha’ something people can buy or was it just given to you for you to try ideas from her stuff? I loved the coasters you made from her kit too :)

    • They were amazingly fast to make! Thanks for your sweet words Amy. The 12 Months of Martha is a group of bloggers (right now there are 18 of us) who have been invited to participate and be contributors to They send us a box of goodies every other month and we are to make two projects per box using at least one of the items. Kinda like Project Runway, but without the huge prize. :-)

  35. Absolutely Gorgeous!! They look so real! Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Wow, these are just stunning!!! Definitely magazine worthy!

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