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Printable Chalkboard Style Freezer & Canning Jar Labels

Canning and Freezer Labels Thank you for asking me to design this set of freezer and canning labels. I am now quite excited to try my hand at canning for the first time, even though it is my families tradition. I designed these labels in the so-very-popular vintage chalkboard theme, all coordinating with the pantry labels and spice jar labels in previous posts. This project started with freezer labels, the kind you can write on and circle the date of freezing. But why stop there? The same design can also be used for your canned fruits, vegetables, sauces and juices.

Freezer Bag Label Printable Date Freezer Labels Printable Date Canning Label (This jar of grape juice is homegrown and canned from my dad and the apple sauce below was made by my sister.  I am truly from a handcrafted family). Loving the dated labels, I just kept going with my designs. How about some large chalkboard style labels for the side of the jar?

Decorative Canning Labels Chalkboard Canning Labels Gift Canning Labels How about labels for the top of the jars? I designed the round lid labels in two different sizes, 1.5 inch for the small jam jars and 2 inch for a standard jar lid.

Printable Canning Lid Labels Canning Labels in Chalkboard Once I finished the labels with space to write the jar contents, it made perfect sense to create some round labels to decorate the lids. . . or the sides, or layer the labels using some to add the name of the person who so craftily canned or froze this beautiful food. Mix and match! They all look so pretty together, don’t you think?

Canning Labels Chalkboard Style And of course, what would be a label kit without the editable text options? All but the decorative labels include editable text. I chose a rustic typewriter font to add to this homemade look, but you can edit the text in the PDF document to suit your style. To change fonts:  type, size or color, (as well as bold, italics, etc.) select Control +E if you’re using a PC or Command + E on a Mac. A toolbar will appear giving you additional text properties. Select “More” in the font properties toolbar for paragraph alignment and more. If you want to hand write your labels like I did, just delete the text from the fields and print.

Editable Canning and Freezer Labels Thanks again to for sponsoring this post. Just click the button below for the free download of any of the labels in this post. All of these designs can be printed onto full sheet labels.  For the freezer labels, you can purchase 10 aggressive freezer adhesive. The round labels are easily trimmed with a 1.5 inch punch and a 2 inch punch. Enjoy! ~ Lia


  1. Hi!
    First let me tell you I love the labels. I am having problems with some of them not being editable. The lg. canning jar labels I can edit, but the lids and other labels are not supported for editing it’s telling me. Do you have a suggestion regarding how I can do this?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hmm… strange. It works for me, the only thing I could think of is that you need to save the download as a pdf and then open it up through Adobe Reader to edit it. It will not save any changes if you try to edit it in an internet browser. But you might already know this if you are able to edit some of them.

  2. Hi there! I love these labels, I’m trying to make them as a Christmas gift for a friend. The circle cutter I have is a 1 inch Martha Stewart. It’s not cutting all the way through. I tried sharpening the blade by cutting through heavy foil, didn’t work. Is there a tried and true cutter you can recommend before I buy another that doesn’t work? Sure wish World Label made a peel and stick, would’ve gladly paid more money for it! (I’ve been on the Avery and Evermine sites, nothing compares to how nice your design is!) Thanks for the help, Rebecca

    • Hi Rebecca, I can never get the round peel and stick sheets to line up therefore I always print mine on a large World Label sheet and then cut with a punch. I like the Fiskars brand punches.

  3. Hi! I am trying to edit the text for the labels on my Mac. As per your instructions, I did Command E and highlighted the words to change the font and a box called Properties pops up but says No Current selection, despite my having highlighted the text. Any suggestions?

    • Do you have the PDF open in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat reader? This is the only place you can edit text. When open there it is super easy to select.

  4. Thanks it’s beautiful !

  5. hola, lo primero preciosas etiquetas, me encantan, pero no puedo descargarlas, solo puedo abrir el archivo del calendario, el resto no se me abre, podrias mandármelas a mi email? gracias desde españa

    • If you click on the button it will take you to World Label where these are being hosted. It may be that you are not noticing another site opening.

  6. These are incredible! I I couldn’t believe it when I clicked through the link and they were free to download…. WOOOHOOOO! Thank you so much! Your beautiful work is now gracing the fronts of our candied sweet potatoes and terragon green beans. Finally a label that reflects as much love as went into the jar!

  7. Totally in love! Is there any way to make the text smaller? I have more text to include that it allows.
    Thanks in advance

    • The best way to do that is to put the image into Word and add your own text over the top. If you would like to do this, I can send you the file without the editable text.

  8. All your labels are so well designed and complete. I’m in the process of remodeling the pantry and was going to design some labels myself, then saw yours. I love the ‘gluten-free’ labels, thanks for including them. :-)

  9. I can’t seem to edit the labels. I’m on a mac and pressed command E but unfortunately nothing pops up. Is there a way to download them as illustrator files by chance?

  10. These are so darling!! I posted a link to your site from my blog:

    Thanks for sharing! Miss Lady Bug

  11. Thank you so much for this! I love these labels and they made my kitchen so much prettier (and of course more organized).

  12. Thank you very much Lia, will come in great use with my home made goodies!! I have been looking for some lovely labels and just love them and love your blog – beautiful work!!

  13. OMG THESE ARE AMAZING. Thank you so so so so so so very much. I am packaging my jams in burlap bags for delivery and these are just what I was looking for. THANK YOU again. I will be doing a blog post about them and will totally be linking back to you. :)

  14. Would you be able to send these to my email I tried all the links even the hosting/featured ones and they all led back here, I’d looove to use these for my holiday crafting–best on the internet! Beautiful work! Thank you!

    • If you go to the worldlabel blog by clicking the button at the end of the post you will find all the the downloads there. They are broken into different printables and you will see a few different teal buttons to choose from.

  15. Hi Lia, just FYI the direct download link you’ve provided only leads to the large calendar-style labels, not to any of the jar lid labels. I’d be so grateful if I could get ahold of the latter. Thank you so much!

  16. These are wonderful! thank you!

  17. Lisa;
    I can’t get the links for these two to open.
    Pantry Chalkboard Labels or your Printable Chalkboard Style Freezer & Canning Jar Labels.

    I desperately need them too. I love them so much. Can you check the links or email me another link?

    Thanks much!

    • Cassie, if you click on the buttons at the end of these posts they will take you to the World Label blog where you can download them. They sponsored and are hosting these printables, so you can download them there. Lisa Lia

  18. These are so gorgeous!

  19. Hi Lia,
    Love the Chalkboard labels and have used them for all my jams and jellies this summer…..but I’m wondering if you can space them apart more in the middle…..between the 2 rows or make a separate template for the wide mouth jars. , a little larger in diameter. … becuz the problem I’m having is for the widemouth jars. The labels just aren’t large enough in diameter to fit under the ring screw top and keep it secured like the regular mouth lids. Thx so much…:)

  20. Thank you for these AWESOME labels!!! I love them!

  21. Hi there – love the labels! I noticed that the round labels aren’t printing out exactly round for me, which causes issues when I use my round cutter. Any advice? Is my printer possibly stretching them to fit the page?

    • They are round so I would make sure that before you print, that the button is clicked that says “actual size”. Other than that, it may be your printer or if you placed the PDF into another program it may have gotten stretched. Give that a try and let me know if you are still having trouble.

  22. Hi Lia, I love love love these labels. What program do you use to design them?

    • Thanks Kasha. With my graphic design background I do all of my design in Adobe Illustrator. I then set the editable text in Acrobat Pro.

  23. I have a healthy obsession with canning and cool looking jars and these labels will go well with my canning recipes.

  24. That would be great thank you :) I dont believe Iv seen them here or any reusable ones for that matter lol.

  25. This are beautiful i love them! I couldn’t believe they were downloadable they are so nice. Thank you! Oh by the way i was wondering where you got those amazing reusable ziploc bags? I would love some 😀

    • Thanks Kathy! The bags are eco bags I picked up at our local market. I will see if I can find the brand. They are pretty light weight so I am not sure the are reusable, but they are biodegradable.

  26. Thanks for the great label file. I do lots of canning and these will be awesome to use on my jars and bags. Also they will be cute on cards and scrapbook pages, dual purpose, I love it.

  27. Love, love these! Love your website.

  28. Cool labels! Thanks for sharing Lia! Love your website,because you are nice enough to share and let us download! + give us computer instructions! You are so very kind!

  29. Hurray!!!! beautiful, beautiful, they are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the design, can’t wait to see more.

  30. These are fabulous…thank you!

  31. These are awesome! Thanks again for such an elegant, practical post!

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